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Facebook Marketing Agency in Dubai


Facebook has been pioneering innovation in the digital and social marketing realms ever since its inception. Its widespread use, remarkable marketing opportunities, engaging media formats and interactive nature all come together to make it one of the most powerful business development platforms in history.

Use the power of Facebook marketing to transform your business with GMI, a leading Facebook marketing agency in Dubai. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, improve engagement, or scale-up traffic, Facebook marketing services is the answer. Are you ready to convert your Facebook page into a magnet that attracts customers to your business? Let us help you on the journey. Get in touch with us now!


Why Choose GMI for Facebook Marketing

When you partner with Global Media Insight for your Facebook marketing, you are partnering with a digital marketing agency with over two decades of experience in the field. We are an established Facebook marketing agency in Dubai and UAE that has helped several businesses peak with our result-oriented marketing services.

We follow a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy that involves deep analysis and brainstorming to create unique marketing campaigns for each business. Combining our in-depth understanding of the platform with the dedication to delivering the best for our clients, we have grown as a trustable name for Facebook marketing in Dubai.

Facebook Marketing Services We Provide

We help your business with full-scale Facebook marketing services ranging from strategy development to campaign creation and ad management. Some of our most sought after services are

  • Management & monitoring of Facebook ads
  • Facebook marketing strategy
  • Creative campaigns
  • Awareness driven campaigns
  • Sales driven campaigns
  • Setting and achieving KPIs
  • Facebook marketing content production
  • Detailed campaign reports
  • Measurable results and insights

Customised Facebook campaigns to drive your sales and build value
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Turbocharge Your Promotional And Marketing Efforts With Facebook Marketing


As marketing takes a digital turn, brands are eager to take chances and expose their audiences to creative content that can result in great gains. Facebook, being a social media platform with the most user base, is the best place to propel your marketing efforts.

Apart from spreading awareness and promoting products and services, Facebook Marketing can also be a great base to understand your target audiences better and gain valuable insights. Facebook marketing enables you to laser focus on any type of audience as per your business needs. You can optimize campaigns that catch the attention of your target audience, thereby increasing the quality and quantity of leads your business generates. Want to leverage the benefits of Facebook marketing services? We can help.

What makes Facebook marketing so potent is the incredible malleability and customisation and insights that can be realised over the platform. This includes a choice range of different media types, expression, engagement and analytical knowledge.

Targeted Facebook Marketing Can Empower Your Business Development Goals

  • Spread Awareness

    The first and most important part of kick-starting any business is spreading awareness. By producing and executing content to promote your products and services, Facebook Marketing allows you to spread awareness about your business and its offerings more effectively. Engagement and awareness that draw results.
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  • Targeted Approach

    Facebook Marketing can be very helpful in directing your marketing efforts at a specific set of customers. Through this medium, brands have the option to target their audiences based on region, language, age, gender and interest.

  • Engagement & Interactions

    One of the most desired outcomes of Facebook Marketing is the engagement generated through the content. The higher the amount of engagement, the greater is the success of a campaign. As users respond to the content through various forms of engagement, the brands gains deeper insights into the mind of its consumers.

  • Gaining Insights

    Due to its responsive nature, Facebook Marketing campaigns are ideal for gaining valuable insights for the brand. It allows a brand to learn about its consumer's behaviour and thinking, which could even lead to re-assessing or initiating important business decisions.

  • Gaining Leads

    With the help of Facebook Marketing, brands can even boost their sales by gaining relevant leads through social media. If the content is effective and targeted correctly, potential leads automatically transform into sales and draw in immeasurable results. Relevant leads that transform your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the cost of Facebook marketing?

The cost of Facebook marketing depends on many factors such as your project requirements, target audience, marketing budget, etc. You can discuss it with your Facebook marketing agency and choose a marketing plan best suited for your needs.

Q) Is Facebook marketing cheap?

Yes. You can run advertisements at low costs and according to your budget requirements.

Q) Why should I choose Facebook for marketing?

Facebook has the biggest user base among all social media platforms. Moreover, it offers different ad formats which you can use to run your ads more effectively. Also, you can target your ads accurately for your desired audience, which is a huge benefit of using Facebook marketing.

Q) Do I need to hire a Facebook marketing agency?

You can create a Facebook business page and promote it organically for free. But its best to hire a Facebook marketing agency as they have expert skills in running Facebook ads, managing profiles, etc.

Q) Who creates the content for Facebook ads?

We provide ad content creation as a part of our Facebook marketing services. If you have your own content team, we would be happy to collaborate with them as well.


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