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Pinterest Advertising


Many people think of Pinterest as the online version of a scrapbook. But it also offers plenty of opportunities for creative marketing, thanks to over 150 million users that seek ideas, information and inspiration on the platform.

With the Pinterest Ad Manager tool, businesses can pay to promote their best pins and track pin engagement, click-throughs and the performance of their posts.


GMI & Pinterest Advertising

Every social network is an opportunity, but to get the right kinds of customers, you need the right opportunities. With over 23 Years of experience, we’re experts at optimizing social media to gain the maximum returns on investment.

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Pinterest is a network of discovery. Since 93% of Pinners use it to plan their next purchase, it’s a great platform for startups and niche businesses to advertise and connect with their audience.


Pinterest Advertising Services We Provide

  • Understanding the Business Objectives and Campaign Goals
  • Formulating Campaign Strategy and Planning
  • Campaign Setup
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Fine-tuning Strategy & Re-implementation
  • Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Assessment
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words
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Pin Your Business at the Top


In the old days, people would browse newspapers, cut out pictures of the items they liked and save them to an album. Think of Pinterest as a digital version of this album - 75% of collected pins are “cut” from businesses, and there are over one million businesses on Pinterest.

Pinterest allows you to create beautiful boards that showcase the quality of your product. Through Promoted Pins, you can use this digital portfolio to turn browsers into customers. Let’s start crafting your brand’s story.
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Women make up 70% of Pinterest’s demographic, but male users have grown by 120% in 2016.

Let Your Audience Do the Talking

  • High User Engagement & Discovery

    It’s hard to sell to people who don’t want to be sold to. But Pinterest users’ goal is to discover and share things. People don’t skip ads but click them and save them to refer later when they’re buying something at a store. It's heaven for marketers!
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  • More Conversions

    Because every pin includes a link, it shortens the path from discovery to conversion. This makes it easier to convert your visitors from browsers into buyers. You can pull more traffic into your website by just posting and promoting beautiful pins of your products.

  • Tasteful Ads

    Pinterest has strong visual appeal and a focus on delivering non-intrusive, high-quality advertising to relevant audiences. Your business has a chance to succeed with Promoted Pins that are tasteful and pertinent to your audience.

  • Drives Purchase Intent

    Data from Pinterest shows that Pinners who see Pinterest ads have 40% greater awareness of new products and 50% higher purchase intent. People are simply more likely to buy a brand’s products from their store after seeing a Promoted Pin. Conversions are no longer a pin in a haystack.
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