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Social Media Video Production


Social media has changed the way businesses advertise - from TV ads and radio jingles to pictures and videos. Video accounts for 80% of the global web traffic, with Facebook alone generating 8 billion video views per day. YouTube has over 1 billion active users per month, and the number of hours they spend on video is growing by 60% year on year.

Thanks to human psychology, your business will benefit from impactful videos that are short, shareworthy, and social media-friendly.


GMI & Social Media Video Production

Global Media Insight is one of the leading full-service video production agencies the UAE, Middle East and India. Crafting high quality videos rooted in a sensible content strategy is our specialty. As part of our experience of 23 Years, we have created videos for different types of brands across industry verticals.

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With a mix of social experts and an in-house video production team, we can produce exactly what you need.


Social Media Video Production Services We Offer

  • Social media video conceptualization
  • Branding video production
  • Promotional video production
  • Commercial video production
  • Video editing
  • Animated video production

Hook Interest through Videos
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Videos are Social Media


If we have to choose between watching a video and reading a description of the video content, we’ll click on the video first. That’s because humans are wired to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

Good marketing is all about giving your customers what they want. By combining social media marketing and video production, we leverage the power of in-demand media to raise awareness about your business by increasing brand recall and establishing your brand’s expertise.
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People remember the videos they’ve seen even if they don’t engage with it. This equates to free branding - the very best kind!

A Video is Worth More than a Thousand Words

  • People Love Videos

    Your brand story is unlikely to beat a cute cat video, but your audience is 34% more likely to buy your product after watching it. Videos need not be about ads alone; you can use them to address user queries and establish your brand’s expertise as a trusted resource. Invest in the power of visual storytelling for your brand.
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  • Mobile-Friendly

    People are switching to mobile to browse social media because it’s simply more convenient. Unlike the old days of Adobe Flash, YouTube and native social videos are HTML5 - lightweight and mobile-friendly. Your competition is using videos as part of their mobile marketing - don’t get left behind.

  • Made for SEO

    Google and other search engines have made videos an important part of their search algorithms. Adding a video on your landing page not just improves your rankings, but increase visitor conversions by a huge margin.

  • Emotional Connections

    Video has a power unlike any other for emotionally connecting with people. A superbly-crafted video not only acts as a narrative for the brand’s story; it makes viewers identify with it, make them go “That’s me!”. This is the feeling that makes them care about your product. Let us help you out here.
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