Google search… A sneak peek into what’s happening

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Apr 16 2014 at 7:48am

When we were children, our parents were the supreme authority on any topic under the sun. From “Why is the sky blue?” to “Where do babies come from?” our parents learn to come up with quick and innovative answers to our questions. When we reached school, our teachers took over that sometimes uncomfortable job. What happens when neither teachers nor parents could give us the correct and satisfactory answer? Twenty years ago, we would go to the library and check out books or ask friends if they have information on the topic. What do we do now? We go online and search for information on the Web.

Google Results Questions
Google AutoSuggest for a usualQuery –

With Google leading the search engine race by a wide margin, let us talk about how it manages to give you the right results each and every time. Suppose you wish to serve your visiting friend, a cup of traditional Kahva. It’s pretty easy, you just need to ask his preferences and prepare it the way he likes it. If the number of friends goes up to 50, we would have a tough task. Then imagine serving thousands or even millions of cups of Kahva, ensuring that each guest is given the drink of their choice- with or without sugar, strong or mild, with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron or mint. That is exactly what Google is doing, but on a much larger scale.

Amazing facts about Google Search

On its own Google is gracefully handling over billions of searches every day.  Whenever we type a “search query”, the search engine finds over 60 trillion individual pages with relevant information. Still, we are presented with results sometime within a fraction of a second. How does Google do that? Since Google knows that we are not the most patient of creatures, it crawls the web and maintains track of pages crawled in its Index – over 100 million gigabytes of information. On receiving our query, Google uses over 200 signals to choose the most relevant webpages among the millions that refer the same topic. With the use of algorithms (programs and formulas) Google figures out how best to deliver quality results- results you would accept as right & go ahead and click.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google frequently updates the algorithms to deliver better results. Like the best chefs, Google keeps using new recipes, mostly making minor changes, occasionally introducing totally new recipes. Google algorithms have a set of guidelines that produce the best result out of thousands of similar pages. Google refines the ranking algorithms with over 500 changes every year. Among these Google’s Hummingbird is the biggest release since 2001.

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