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Social videos are a unique amalgamation of the most widely consumed form of content with the most popular content consumption platform on the planet.

Smart businesses can use them to combine entertainment, informative and educational content, and strategic marketing tactics to achieve both short term and long term business goals.


GMI & Social Video Production

As a pioneering web solutions and digital marketing agency operating in the UAE, Middle East and India, we were one of the first in the region to recognize the extraordinary potential of social videos and how they could be used to build the online prowess of a brand to effectively connect with potential customers. As a continuously evolving enterprise, we are mindful of emerging social media channels and how best social videos can be promoted through these channels.

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Within our portfolio, we incorporate a range of social video content like video advertising, social video posts, live video posts etc.


Social Video Production Services We Provide

For the past 18 years, we have been working with emerging technologies like social video presentations and understand the remarkable value they could add towards realising your digital marketing goals.

Our creative, video production and social media teams work together to understand the unique needs and customer preferences of your business, and then help you build comprehensive social video campaigns to best match these needs and requirements.

Social media videos designed to build your brand
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That Perfect Form of Evocative Engagement That Only Social Media Videos Can Deliver


Social media has done what no TV channel or news agency could do - connect people from across the world to build some of the largest sets of direct-access audience in history.

Further, thanks to the sharing and comment sections in most social media platforms, brands can get direct and instant appraisals of their marketing efforts, and improve their chances of reaching out beyond their original intended audience.
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Videos on social media are remarkably potent and powerful, allowing brands to be prolific in posting content, and guarantees engagement from an enormous online community.

Promote Your Business Across
Social Media Platforms

  • Interaction and Engagement

    Social videos, taking advantage of the uniquely interactive nature of social media, provoke creative discussion among viewers. This builds a remarkable amount of engagement and helps promote your message and ideas across millions. Use the power of videos to build your online community.
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  • Instant Feedback

    This sharing and discussion also gives you an almost instant feedback about the effectiveness of your campaign and the message that you are trying to promote. Brands can use this information to make changes to their campaign, products and services, leading to improved profits.

  • Brand Reputation

    Social videos can help build loyalty and trust among consumers and build your reputation as a brand that makes an effort to reach out and connect with users over a medium that allows them to talk back and communicate with you.

  • Return on Investment

    If a social video is evocative, engaging and provocative enough, it can end up being viewed by an audience far beyond your subscriber base. Meaning, the derived results of a well-produced video might be much more than you ever expected. Sustainable videos that lead to great results.
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