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Corporate Video Production

Among all forms of digital content, there is none so engaging and evocative as videos - only one of the many reasons why they have grown to become the most consumed form of content on the internet today.

Corporate Videos enable you assemble this might and popularity and use it as a powerful business development tool - only one of the many reasons they have swooped in to redefine established rules of advertising and promotion in boardrooms across the world.

GMI & Corporate Video Production

At GMI, we understand how important it is to get your unique ideas across to the audience effectively. With the right mix of interesting visuals, audio and voice-overs, we can capture it all in engaging and entertaining corporate videos. Rest assured, our corporate videos are guaranteed to leave a strong impression on your viewers.

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For the past 23 Years, GMI has been working with leading brands in the region to realize their growth objectives through well-planned digital marketing strategies and innovative technologies like corporate videos.


Corporate Video Production Services We Provide

Using powerful visuals and creative techniques, we tell your brand story through engaging and interactive video content that is tailor-made to achieve your unique business goals.

We have a highly capable team of professionals that work with some of the most cutting edge technologies to develop provocative, powerful, entertaining and professional videos that resonate with your unique set of customers.

Impressive corporate videos that make a mark
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In a world of fast dwindling attention spans, it is imperative that your chosen means for communicating with your audience is attention-grabbing, engaging and informative enough to be effective in its objective.

Corporate Videos are remarkably malleable, and expandable in scope, and can be used to communicate with audiences across regional, cultural and language barriers.
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Corporate Videos can also be used effectively for the education and motivation of employees, leading them towards delivering better results and provoking them to outperform the competition.

Other Services

Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Production

Promotional videos have the highest recall value among audiences, when compared to most other forms of advertising. Promotional videos are a good way for companies to communicate their personality and values to a larger audience. As the leading digital media agency in the region, we have been harnessing the versatility and engagement of promotional videos to deliver valuable customer engagement to our clients for many years now. Our energetic and creative teams can help you narrate your unique story in an innovative and compelling manner, driving value and sales for your brand. Use the power of promotional videos to reach new audiences and re-engage old ones.

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Animated Videos

Entertaining and informative animated videos are the best means of engaging consumers today, especially when you are trying to overcome the short attention spans of the modern consumers. Strong, value-driven messages, delivered through animated videos, can engage consumers emotionally and deliver high share-worthiness. For over 23 Years, GMI has been helping brands engage their customers with compelling digital content. Our in-house animators combine their expertise and understanding of the market and culture to offer you fun and evocative video content that transcends age, cultural, regional and language barriers. Reach out to us, and let us create something unique for your brand.

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Animated Videos

Achieve Your Brand Goals with Professional Corporate Videos

  • Efficient Transfer of Information

    Corporate videos use a highly entertaining and engaging form of media to communicate professional knowledge. This makes them formidable as a means of sharing information and ideas and connecting with customers across demographics. As an educational tool, they can ensure enhanced attention and retention of information. Inform and prompt your audience with corporate videos.
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  • Improved Brand Reputation

    Since corporate videos are a fairly new form of business development tool, they can help a brand stand out among competitors as a more technically inclusive partner, capable of delivering innovative services beyond the scope of others.

  • Highly Targeted and Broad in Scope

    Videos can be used to target a specific set of audience, and at the same time be used to reach out to a far larger community. This is because videos offer far more creative leeway and can be moulded to achieve specific objectives more easily.

  • Cost Effective

    In the long run, corporate videos offer extraordinary return-on-investment, especially since they have great chances of succeeding in their objective of connecting with people and require far fewer iterations or repetitions even as an educational tool. A cost-effective way to improve sales and value.
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