May25 2016

Saudi Arabia Facebook Users Statistics 2016

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers a unique and remarkably interesting view when observed through the lens of social media. As an open and democratic perspective, social media has revealed aspects of this wealthy and conservative nation that have rarely been seen throughout its long history. With over 14 million registered users, Facebook tops the social media charts in Saudi Arabia. Saudis have taken to the platform with great enthusiasm and delight.

KSA Facebook Users Infographics  2016

KSA Facebook Stats 2016 Infographics

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The attached infographic offers a detailed and interesting perspective on Facebook usage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on gender, age and city.

Saudi Arabia – Facebook Usage by Gender

One of the most revolutionary effects of Facebook on Saudi Arabia is how it has offered women an expansive new space for expression and socialization. Of the total 14 million Facebook users in Saudi Arabia, 3 million are women. Women in the Kingdom are stepping out and connecting with like-minded individuals around the globe through Facebook and other social media. This is sure to have a positive effect on women’s rights and their contribution to society.

KSA Facebook Users By Gender

Saudi Arabia – Facebook Usage by Age

KSA Facebook Users Age

The usage data based on age groups does not deviate significantly from global trends. The largest number of Facebook users (7 million) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia belongs to the 18-29 age group followed by the 30-49 age group with 5.5 million. The data also reveals a significant number of users (640,000 +) above the age of 50 signing up for the platform. This means that Facebook has been able to penetrate the age barrier in Saudi Arabia by presenting itself as an attractive and easy-to-engage forum, even for a more senior audience.

Saudi Arabia – Facebook Usage by Cities

KSA Facebook Users By City

The data shows that a significant majority of Facebook users in Saudi Arabia come from within city boundaries. Riyadh, the most populated city, contributes more than half of the audience with 7.1 million users. Jeddah contributes about 3.2 million. Cities like Dammam and Mecca rank a distant third and fourth respectively. Take a look at the graphic below to learn further about Facebook usage in the cities of Saudi Arabia based on age groups.

KSA City Specific Stats

Facebook and social media services of its kind have contributed to a better connected, more conversational Saudi Arabia. Residents of the Kingdom are using the platform to engage in daily conversations about politics, social issues, religion and much more. And owing to its acceptance in the daily affairs of the country, it is easy to see that Facebook will play a significant role in the future of the Kingdom and its residents.

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May10 2016

UAE Facebook Users Statistics 2016 Infographics

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed and wealthiest nations in the Middle East, with impressively high HDI (human development index) figures. Ever since the formation of the complete union in the early 1970s, UAE has been on a path of accelerated growth and development that has withstood the test of time and upheavals in global markets. Even today UAE remains one of the fastest growing economies in the world, perpetually propelled by visionary diversification and development policies.

This consistent growth and diversification has influenced the country’s attitudes towards modern technologies and changes in global communication platforms. 95% of the UAE’s population today are active internet users. Emiratis have been quick to embrace most major social network platforms, with Facebook emerging as a clear favourite. UAE has the highest penetration rate for Facebook in the Gulf region, with over 46% of the population using the platform actively.

UAE Facebook Users Infographics  2016

UAE Facebook Stats 2016 Infographics

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Apr30 2016

WhatsApp – Taking the World by Storm

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Whatsapp - Taking The World By Storm  Facebook’s mobile messaging service, WhatsApp has touched 1 billion in its user statistics.

Touching the 1 billion user milestone, WhatsApp is likely to become the second most used mobile application in the world. Facebook comments, “That’s nearly one in seven people on earth who use WhatsApp each month to stay in touch with their loved ones, their friends, and their family.” Despite the difference in user demographics, WhatsApp connects people to their family and friends wherever they are in the world.

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Apr23 2016

Silent Video Ads Top the Charts on Facebook

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Silent Video Ads Top The Charts On Facebook

An image conveys a message smarter than a thousand words – this is why visual advertisement campaigns are always more enticing. Facebook showcases videos aplenty and most of them are video ads.

Many of us check our Facebook while commuting. That is the time we browse through the video ads. Imagine if the videos pop up with a lot of sound in the background? Annoying – for you and your co-travellers, isn’t it? Facebook has come up with a smart option – play videos that communicate messages without any sound.

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Apr14 2016

Understanding Our Target Audience

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With more brands experimenting, believing & advocating the digital medium, the need to understand the digital consumer is ever so high. Today the consumer has more power, more information and choice than ever before. This makes decision making a complex affair for the consumer.

Understanding Our Target AudienceMarketers needs to work twice as hard to truly understand their audience and talk to them in a relevant, personalized way. Only if we understand our consumer can we package it well so that we can push a conversion.

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