Oct26 2015

Largest Apple Store to open in Dubai

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Breaking News : Largest Apple Store to open in Dubai at 4PM on 29th October 2015

No other store opening has so much a hype associated like the opening of Apple stores. To add tMall-of-Emirates-Logoo all this excitement, it’s going to be the opening of the largest Apple store. That makes this 29th October even more special. Being the first store in Middle East and the largest one, makes the anticipation of the die hard Apple understandable. Excitement is snow balling and is typical of such events, many connected to the Mall of Emirates are tight lipped.
Apple MOE Store Dubai

The Grand Opening of the Apple store is at 4 PM on 29th October 2015. On the inaugural day, the store will be open from 4:00 PM to 11:59 PM. Thereafter for the next day, the store timing will be from 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM. ( Thursday to Saturday) . All other week days it’s 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM ( Monday to Wednesday)
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Oct19 2015

There’s always an answer

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Who is the King? From Google’s perspective

People usually ask questions when they need to know something or when they are in a state of doubt. Some ask even if they know, to find out what the other person knows. ‘Who is the King’, was a question posed by people. They asked this to someone who answers a good many answers every moment.


There is no one in the world, who answers so many queries like Google. Everyday, many ignorant people like you and me, ask Google a variety of questions. Google always answers. Many of us know some parents or teachers who sometimes get irritated and stop answering. But that’s not the way Google grew up in the last 16+ years. Google’s parents Larry Page & SergeyBrin, always trained Google to respond promptly. This training has had its results. Google also knows the Bible very well. The more you give, the more you get.

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Oct12 2015

One Word: #Hashtags

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Today hashtags are used almost everywhere! To those who need a clearer idea of what hashtags are and how they work; Hashtags are words or phrases with the hash symbol (#) in front of them. E.g.: #ThrowbackThursday. The hash symbol creates a link and clicking on that Hashtag will bring up other posts with that tag.

When hashtags were first seen on Twitter, they were mostly classified as something that only the “geeks” could understand. But today, its usage has spread far and wide across all popular social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flicker etc. There are a number of platforms that have emerged which support hashtags and now they are even used heavily in traditional media.

So here are a few key points to remember when you want to use hashtags for your business

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Sep28 2015

HoloLens – A Boon or Bane

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Way back in the 80’s when film directors visualized a world where drawing shapes on air could create holograms in movies like Star Wars, Back to the Future 2 etc., such a possibility was then unimaginable. Over the years to date, several movies have brought to life this very concept and it has now become a reality with Microsoft’s recent introduction of the HoloLens.

HoloLensWith marvelous ingenuity, this technological masterpiece is all set to revolutionize our world. There is not a screen to touch or a mouse to click, holograms can be created and shaped just with gestures, while communicating with apps using voice. HoloLens is engineered to comprehend gestures, gazes and voice, making any interaction with it as natural as possible.

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Oct7 2015

Twitter – It’s all about Moments now!

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Twitter launches Moments. And it is touted to be the next big thing after hash tags and @replies on Twitter. So what is Moments all about? Madhu Muthukumar, a product manager at Twitter puts it like this, “Moments are just tweets in a row.”

Everyone on Twitter

Twitter does not have the same fan following and the massive user base which Facebook enjoys in the UAE. With almost everyone flaunting a smartphone, Facebook is accessed by 39% of UAE residents, while Twitter lags behind at 27%. View UAE Social Media Statistics here

twitter-momentsBut this is slated to change with Twitter unveiling the new feature. Twitter was always believed to be for the “geek-class”. For an average user, all its features like the retweet, fave, H/T, and follow seem a tad difficult to comprehend. But these powerful features also open a steady stream of valuable content. It’s really like being in the very thick of things, be it a football match, the best deals at GITEX or the UAE soldiers martyred at Yemen. But if you are new to Twitter you can be left floundering as to what to look for, where and how.

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