May30 2014

Google Panda 4.0 Update- Will it affect your business in Dubai?

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It’s official. The new Google Panda Update is here! Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google confirms via twitter.

The Panda 4.0 has already caused waves in search results. Panda updates have always given sites with great quality content a boost. It has also penalized websites with thin or poor quality content all in an attempt to give users a better search result. The latest update is also targeted at removing low-quality content from Google SERPs.

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May22 2014

Dubai gears up for WorldExpo 2020

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Dubai World Expo 2020In November 2013, the Bureau International des Expositions, the organization of 167 member states that co-ordinates the World Expos, announced that Dubai will be hosting the World Expo 2020.

Fireworks lit up the Burj-al-Khalifa and people all over the emirate celebrated the winning bid over Turkey, Brazil and Russia. The WorldExpo 2020 is the largest international event ever to take place in the Middle East and North Africa area (MENA), and is expected to generate more than $25 billion for UAE’s economy.

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May15 2014

Organic Facebook Reach Has Crashed Since October 2013: Study

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Have you noticed anything strange in the Facebook Reach Statistics of your brand? If you have been observant, you will have realized by now that your Organic Reach has plummeted to less than half in just six months. You might think that it is the fault of Social Networking team, but hold off berating them until you read this study report.

Facebook Organic Traffic DropWe know that since 2012 Facebook has reduced the organic reach of branded pages to 16%. This was further reduced to about 12% in December 2012. An analytic study of more than 100 brands’ Facebook pages has found that organic reach has reached an all-time low of 6.15%. This figure is going to keep falling until it hits rock bottom with zero organic reach. For brands with more than 50,000 likes, the current organic reach status is around 2.11% as compared to the 4.04% in October 2013.

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May6 2014

Build an Audience that Builds your Business

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business building audiencePreviously we talked about the need for smart content marketing and building a loyal and trusting audience. We discussed why it is important to be the go-to guy in your sphere of business. Now let’s try and figure out how we are going to accomplish all these goals-how to create valuable content and build an audience that promotes your business in the long run.

The first thing to remember is that Authority Rules. If you are the leading authority in your field, then people are willing to follow your advice most of the time. If you want to build a great city, you would desire to hear from His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed rather than any other ruler from Middle East. But if you want to invest in the stock exchange; you are most likely to listen to Warren Buffet than Bernard Madoff. Want parenting tips, then its Dr. Sears and not Britney Spears.
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Apr23 2014

Dubai Video ranks in Top 10 Viral Videos of 2014

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Viral Videos 20142014 is only half over, but we have plenty of contenders for the best viral videos of the year. From Oscar fever to Super Bowl Mania, we have gone through the best (and some of the worst) videos of the year to bring you a list of must-see viral videos of the year. We have not ranked them in the order of views since we cannot help but listing the Dubai video on the top of the list. Enjoy!

1. The year kicked off in a big way with the absolutely stupendous fireworks display over Palm Island and The World Islands in Dubai. With world record breaking 400,000 fireworks, Dubai has now sealed its spot as the New Year’s Eve party capital of the world. Watch the compilation by Khaled W that has more than 700,000 views.

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