Apr16 2014

Google search… A sneak peek into what’s happening

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When we were children, our parents were the supreme authority on any topic under the sun. From “Why is the sky blue?” to “Where do babies come from?” our parents learn to come up with quick and innovative answers to our questions. When we reached school, our teachers took over that sometimes uncomfortable job. What happens when neither teachers nor parents could give us the correct and satisfactory answer? Twenty years ago, we would go to the library and check out books or ask friends if they have information on the topic. What do we do now? We go online and search for information on the Web.

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Apr10 2014

The HeartBleed Bug

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HeartBleed Bug Logo

Image Credits : HeartBleed.com

By now, you should have at least heard about the Heartbleed Bug. It’s got IT teams across the planet in a panic, and has gained a lot of awareness due to the fact that it’s a vulnerability within a technology we rely on for security and privacy. This article will hopefully answer a few of your basic questions, and shed some light as to what’s going on… Continue reading

Sep29 2013

Hummingbird spawns new search canon

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Hummingbird Google Logo

Image Credits : Google

Google’s fifteenth anniversary brought us the Hummingbird update, which is the biggest change to Google search since 2001 and impacts more than 90 percent of worldwide searches.

Hummingbird algorithm determines the user’s various search pattern using parameters like location, product features, availability etc. For example, if the user is typing a query like “The best dining spots in Dubai”, Google can now interpret it and give the relevant result on ‘best restaurants in Dubai’, based on the current location of the user. Useful information is the name of the game. Websites with more and improved quality content will win. Continue reading

Apr7 2014

Selfie campaign raised AED 50 million donation?

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Have you taken a Selfie lately? Chances are you have. If you are in UAE, Saudi Arabia or any other GCC country, the probability is still higher, as these countries boast of people having 2 or more smart phones!! The term selfie sky rocketed into usage and fame in 2013. Although the word seems to have originated in 2005, it was in 2013 that the Selfie – the buzzword of current Social Media Campaigns. Oxford English Dictionary announced that “selfie” was the word of the 2013.  get to know more from our Blog.

Before selfie usage became popular on Facebook and Instagram, MySpace was its breeding ground.

Selfie of Barak Obama,David Cameron and Helle Thorning Schmidt

President Barak Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron with Denmark’s Prime Minister during former South African President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg Image Courtesy : japantimes.co.jp

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Apr4 2014

Google’s Rich Snippets, Meta Data and Schema unveiled

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Prime Minister Of UAE & Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed and Princess HayaLooking good is an ongoing pursuit, for majority. Only exceptions could perhaps be new born babies who are in great shock soon after they arrive. Good looks attract & demand attention. Rulers of nations as well as ordinary people spend considerable time and money to look good. Good looks increases respect in addition to popularity, likability and…

Prime Minister Of UAE & Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & Princess Haya – best dressed couple in the region. Always dressed perfectly for the occasion. Here they are visiting the racecourse at the Royal Ascot in England.

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