Jul15 2015

Contextual Advertising

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Contextual Online Advertising

Being known as the ‘Shopaholic’s Paradise’, Dubai is indeed the hotspot for some of the best buys. Let alone the shops that are seen in and around the city overflowing with buyers, the surge of shopping by Dubaians have also cast a record on the online shopping arena. Well, this article is not going to be about Dubaians or about how awesome shopping in Dubai is. It’s about how to get your business brand and your products in the spotlight worldwide and especially among those online surfers in Dubai. We are going to tell you how Contextual Advertising is going to help your brand hit the right spotlight online.

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Jun25 2015

UAE Social Media Statistics 2015

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Social Media has swept UAE like a sandstorm, permeating every aspect of daily life for the average Emirati. Aspiring home cooks post their best dishes, moms post pictures of their little ones, and friends share thoughts with each other, as if they were all in the same room. Since January 2014, UAE has experienced a phenomenal 23% growth in active social media accounts.

UAE Population & Social Media Accounts 2015

With a population of 9.58 million people, UAE is a melting pot of cultures and people from across the world. There are over 5.4 million active social media accounts which amount to more than 56% of the population, a figure that is higher than Canada, Germany and South Korea. On an average, UAE residents spend close to 3.6 hours on social media.

Social Media Infographics 2015

UAE Social Media Stats 2015 Infographics

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Jun8 2015

Periscope in Dubai

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Periscope App LogoThe Periscope app from Twitter made its debut in Dubai this week. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the first in the Middle East to broadcast a live streaming video on the new Periscope app. Since the broadcast was done without any fanfare or media publicity, the maximum number of users viewing the live transmission was less than 10. The amateur video showed live footage of the DIFC Quest event and was transmitted live during office hours on 6th June 2015. The video coverage was poor with the camera frequently panning the floor and feet of people attending the event or even passersby. It’s also possible that the event was transmitted without the consent of the DIFC higher management.

To those of you who are not aware of Periscope, it is a live broadcasting app – and you can install it on your smartphone. It’s used in conjunction with a Twitter account. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can easily start an account from the Periscope app in less than 2 minutes after downloading the app on your Apple or android device.

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Feb20 2015

UAE Internet Social & Mobile Statistics 2015 Infographics

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The year 2015 has proved to be a time of social media prominence with phenomenal digital growth in UAE and across the world. We have seen mobile devices dominating the digital world in 2014 and this omnipresent instrument is slated to gain further precedence in 2015

UAE Internet & Social Thumbnail

UAE has seen stupendous growth in Internet and mobile usage in the past few years. Let us take a look at how the figures stand in the first quarter on 2015. The Infographics below depicts Population, Internet, Social & Mobile Statistics of UAE as on January 2015

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Jan24 2015

Whats App – UAE’s most favourite mobile app can be used from your PC

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WhatsApp, the most popular mobile messaging app in UAE has become more user- friendly. With an avid user base of 63% of UAE’s mobile phone users, the latest feature has certainly been welcomed by users across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

After acquisition by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion, the revenue for the app crossed the $25 million mark. With over 750 million users this new feature is bound to increase & deepen engagement of user base with the App.

WhatsApp in Computer

Unlike many other apps, WhatsApp supports all major platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows Smartphones. The expected user base is expected to increase with the introduction of this new feature. For all those who are using desktop computer along with their Mobile devices, with this update one can interact with their WhatsApp contacts and groups from the Computer itself. Continue reading