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If a picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what a video could do. Video presentations are the next big thing in multimedia communication, helping businesses exploit one of the most powerful mediums of expression, to support the growth of the enterprise.

Smart brands can use video presentations to not only to communicate with their audience, but also as a means of promoting their ideas and fostering a user base that is passionate about these ideas.


GMI & Video Presentations

As a pioneering web design, development, and digital marketing agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI was one of the first in these regions to recognize the extraordinary role that multimedia, and especially video presentations can play in the business development goals of a brand.

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We draw on the unparalleled creative spirit and technical expertise of our teams to create engaging video presentations that help you connect with customers, building and growing your brand in more ways than one.


Video Presentation Development Services We Offer

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been helping leading brands in Dubai and the rest of the UAE fulfil their business development goals by helping them harness the remarkable capabilities of cutting-edge digital technologies like video presentations to fuel their growth. Our results are a derived combination of our remarkable technical expertise, our highly creative design and development process and our uniquely insightful knowledge of the digital market and what inspires most engagement from audiences in the region.

Video presentations tailor-made to provoke the growth of your business
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The Professional Might of Business Presentations. The Evocative, Engaging Potency of Videos. Combined.


The bloggers of yesterday are the YouTubers of today. And if there is something that this explosive popularity of video sharing platforms has taught us, it is how powerful videos are at engaging audiences and communicating ideas with the larger population.

Compared to normal forms of presentations, with just images and text, video presentations are much more expressive, attention-grabbing and offer far better conversion rates.
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Video presentations are extraordinary platforms that offer expansive creative freedom and empower you to realize your most imaginative and visionary professional, marketing and educational objectives.

Fuel the Growth of Your Brand With Video Presentations

  • Closer to the Real World

    Video presentations are much closer to real world experience in that they offer a visual, verbal and aural expression of ideas. This helps you save your customers the effort of picturing the effect that your product or service can have in their lives - leading to far improved conversion rates.
    Visualise your unique capabilities for your audience.

  • Clarity

    At their core, presentations are a means of communicating ideas. Video presentations can help you achieve this with much more clarity and ease. They can also be used to convey more complex ideas in a shorter amount of time, and in a much more memorable form.

  • Enhanced Results and Reduced Costs

    Thanks to the engaging nature of video presentations, there are better chances of your audience retaining your message and for longer periods of time. This helps you generate significantly more leads from a smaller set of audience. Further, if you are using video presentations as a training tool, they can offer you a smoother and more effective transfer of knowledge, saving you a lot of money on repeated training sessions.

  • Improved Brand Image

    Using video presentations in your digital marketing efforts can improve your image as a brand that is more in tune with modern technologies. It gives you a more professional reputation and shapes your customers' opinion about the quality of services you provide.
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