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Through 23 Years of partnering with clients across the UAE, Middle East and India, Global Media Insight has pioneered the growth and adoption of mobile, apps and video for marketing and SEO.

Consumer browsing habits have seen a paradigm shift in the past few years - an increasing number of people are browsing in-app or through mobile. Their content consumption patterns are strongly skewed towards video, reflecting the growing trend on desktop.

We’re a Google Certified Partner agency with deep expertise in SEO for mobile, app stores and video. By considering unique factors such as the type of business, audience base, and online environment, we design customised strategies to take your business from online obscurity to search engine visibility.
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When it comes to SEO, it’s unwise to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Mobile, videos, app stores - due to their unique frameworks, practices for desktop SEO do not translate well in these environments.

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Mobile and Video Services


Mobile Optimisation

Guarantee the best experience for your customers on handheld devices. Bring in traffic and connect with your customers 24/7 with full-fledged optimisation for mobile search engines. Thanks to our years of experience in shaping the digital presence of some of the leading brands in the MIddle East and India, Global Media Insight has in-depth expertise on mobile SEO methodologies.

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App Store Optimisation

Push your app to the top of the heap with GMI’s app store optimisation services. With over 4 million apps competing for attention at the major app stores, it can be a tough market place to break into. Our app store optimisation techniques enhance the discovery of your app and boost page traffic and downloads.

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Video/YouTube Optimisation

Make the most of the second largest search engine in the world. Through multi-level strategies that account for generic factors like keywords, and factors specific to YouTube like user engagement, our specialists equip your video content to reach the right audience. Our SEO consultants will design high-impact video strategies for your short term and long term goals.

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Laptops, tablets, PCs, mobiles - consumers are able to access the web in ways unimaginable a decade ago. That is why it’s essential to have a comprehensive SEO strategy for multiple mediums and devices.
  • Gain Access to A Bigger Audience

    Your brand is limiting its opportunities and search traffic by sticking to just desktop. By smartly optimising for SEO across mobile, your app and your video channel, you can get access to a wider audience share and increase search traffic from multiple sources.
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  • Improve Your User Experience

    People today split their browsing time between desktop, mobile and apps. A comprehensive SEO strategy accounts for multiple devices and channels to ensure an optimum browsing experience.

  • Better Results in Search and Business

    It is fact that, one: mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic, and two: video is the most popular form of content. Optimising for these channels brings in better results for your business in terms of page rankings, traffic and leads.
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