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Android App Development

An Android app can offer your brand personalized, real-time access to over a billion customers, to deliver products and services and realize advanced customer interaction, to power your business objectives, over a secure, powerful and highly malleable platform.

Nearly 9 in 10 active smartphones in the world right now run on Android. This figure, added to the fact that it is a powerful and constantly evolving ecosystem, supported and managed in its growth and capabilities by a vibrant community of users and the largest internet brand in history, makes Android a force to reckon with.

GMI & Android App Development

GMI is a leading web development and digital marketing agency in the UAE, Middle East and India, working with major brands operating in in these regions. Over the past 23 Years, we have witnessed the rise and widespread acceptance of mobile technologies and how they have come to rewrite long-established rules about advertising and how people and brands connect with each other.

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We delve into this unparalleled experience, the expertise of our technical and creative teams, and our passionate penchant for mobile technologies to build customized, user-friendly Android apps with powerful capabilities, that offer a great user experience and allow brands to build long term relationships with their customers.


Android Development Services We Offer

  • Custom Apps
  • Games Development
  • M-commerce
  • Social Media Applications
  • Widget Development
  • App deployment to respective markets
  • Flexibility to scale up and down any project
  • API and web service integration
  • Database driven applications
  • We incorporate the following App Development Frameworks for Android:

  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • jQuery Mobile (front-end)
  • AngularJS (front-end)

An Android app that engages audiences and delivers results
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A single, powerful, intuitive and robust interface to connect and interact with over 1.5 billion people


Android stands tall over every other mobile operating system in the market today, not only with the sheer number of people using the platform, but also with all that can be realized with it.

Android’s open-source infrastructure and community, and the support of Google’s Android SDK allows businesses to materialize their vision and services in a time-bound, cost-effective manner and deliver it to customers over a secure and powerful foundation, supported by one of the biggest internet brands of the modern age.
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An Android app gives brands easy-to-market, customizable access to one of the fastest growing customer bases in the world, that derives from all manner of financial, social and geographical backgrounds.

A Customised Android App Can Turbocharge Your Business Development Process

  • Large Market

    With nearly 1.5 billion active Android smartphones in the market, no other operating system or platform among smartphones, desktops or otherwise, has this kind of reach. Building an app for the Google Play Store opens up the brand to this enormous customer base and allows it to operate at its highest realizable potential. Have the whole world be your target audience.
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  • Powered Search

    The searches with the Android Play Store deliver results through the same algorithm that powers the most widely used search engine in the world. This realises extraordinary intuitiveness and ensures that customers who are searching for your products, services and interfaces are able find it easily.

  • Cost-Effective

    Android development is remarkably cost effective and easy on the resources. This is because of how easy it is to build an Android app, thanks to the support offered by the exceptional community that powers the platform and the easy app development tool that Google offers in the form of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

  • Expandability

    Android is the perfect ecosystem for dynamic and evolving businesses. It offers powerful capabilities that, even if not utilised today, can always be adopted by businesses as they set out to expand their operations in the future. Don’t let infrastructure stand in the way of your growth.
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