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Customer service is an essential and integral component of modern business best practices, and has the power to transform customer opinions about a brand.

Much more than helping you integrate and manage all your support systems, online customer service systems can empower you enough to offer your customers the guarantee of being perpetually connected to you.


GMI & Online Customer Service Systems

We are a leading web design and development agency working with national and international brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India for the past 23 Years.

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Over these years, we have helped hundreds of clients build their platform and grow their customer base by integrating highly effective customer service modules that enable them to offer their customers the kind of comprehensive and versatile support and attention that steers them to trust and engage with the brand for the long term.


Online Customer System Integration Services
We Offer

  • Support for instant e-mail and direct calling (smartphones), right from the chatbox
  • Automatic service ticket creation
  • Integrating multiple messaging platforms for easy response and notifications
  • Integrating customer care portals like SalesForce, LiveChat, and Zendesk
  • Offer automated e-mail updates and notifications about ticket status

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Your Customer Service is What They’ll Remember. Make Sure You Exceed All Expectations.


Nearly 70% of customers that leave a brand do so because they’re unhappy with the after-sales service. In a digital world that’s moving at the speed of information, ever having to wait hours for basic support is unthinkable.

Online customer service systems can merge your various service systems within an easily manageable framework to offer your customers instant attention and perpetual connectivity. It can also be used to manage different connectivity systems like chat, e-mail, telephone, and much more under a single window.
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Being able to immediately connect with an employee of the company and clarify their doubts, track orders and have their grievances heard makes customers trust a brand more and significantly reduces the average deliberation time before making a purchase.

Fuel the Growth of Your Brand with an Online Customer Service System Tailored for You

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

    Integrating all your customer support services under a single window empowers you to make sure that you are listening to all your customers' grievances without having to go to great lengths or pulling tons of resources, effort and money towards this. This also helps you to manage, assign and solve these issues with remarkable efficiency. Great customer service is the crescendo to a great campaign.
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  • Better Return-on-Investment

    Considering you are offering a variety of the same service to your customers, you can use the same resources to this effect. Meaning, a voice support executive can also handle chat support and e-mail support. Therefore, even as customers on your website see multiple means to get in touch with you, you are achieving these options with very little allocated resources.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Much more that fancy services and products, what potential customers look for in a brand, over the long term, is if they are being heard and their grievances respected. Integrating your customer support services under a single window enables you to deliver this kind of sought-after customer satisfaction with remarkable ease.

  • Improved Brand Value

    There really is no form of advertising like word-of-mouth. The direct result of customer satisfaction is that customers have increased respect and trust for the brand in question. This turns them into powerful proponents of the brand, communicating their wonderful experiences with their peers and family members - thereby generating leads that have much more probability of turning into conversions.
    Build a reputation of delighting your customers.