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Corporate Presentations In Dubai

With over sixteen years of experience in digital marketing, we know that the proof of an idea is in the presentation. That is why GMI is the leading producer of corporate presentations in the UAE for every kind of idea and business, big or small.

The key to a successful presentation lies not just in the information but the way you present it. Great presentations have the power to compress your thoughts into a clear visual flow that your audience can grasp and remember.

GMI’s specialists use the latest technology to create gripping presentations for leading businesses in the UAE, Middle East and India. We are experts at crafting layouts that incorporate your brand identity.
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Unlike the old days, presentations today have evolved from the standard slideshow into immersive stories in multiple formats for you to choose from, including HTML 5, multimedia, video and Prezi presentations.

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Corporate Presentation Services

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PowerPoint (Corporate/Personal)

Many tend to dismiss PowerPoint as boring. But as the world’s ruling presentation software, it dominates boardrooms and business gatherings. The reason is simple - in the right hands, Microsoft PowerPoint is a versatile, powerful tool that can be used to create stunning content. Whether you’re at seminars, webinars, sales presentations, training sessions, industry events, or internal meetings, nothing makes a professional impact like an expertly designed PowerPoint presentation.

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HTML 5 & Multimedia Presentations

Incredible online presentations from our experts using HTML5 technology and multimedia to deliver a rich experience that runs seamlessly across browsers and devices. Interactive features and audio-visual inputs combine to deliver a vivid experience. What’s more, you don’t need to use a projector as these presentations can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Get a rich, portable presentation to spread your ideas on the go.

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Video Presentations

Explain, teach, or pitch effortlessly. Video presentations are simply another way to tap into the visual part of our brains. Unlike formats that rely on 2D and 3D graphics, video presentations use visuals from reality to support ideas and information. It’s the perfect way to show your audience the difference your product can make to their lives. Show off your brand’s expertise with a simple and tight video presentation.

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Prezi Presentations

Bored with slideshows? Break out of the bullet point mould. Express your thoughts in new and creative ways with Prezi presentations by our team of experts. Audiences love Prezi because it rejects the standard slide for motion, spatial and zoom effects that showcase data in unique ways. Web-based, cloud-based, and accessible from any device – turn your ideas into something out of the ordinary with a captivating Prezi presentation.

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Presentations that are available at any time on any device is useful for aiding your audience’s recall.
  • Engagement

    Unlike most other forms of marketing and communication, the face-to-face nature of presentations guarantees engagement with the public. Beautifully designed, a well-presented slideshow can arouse interest and dialogue which is beneficial to the company.
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  • Retention

    Presentations are an excellent training tool. Through the concise delivery of content with the right mix of information, audio and visuals, it helps the audience retain key points about your brand. Presentations are a valuable asset in customer interactions as well because they’re an easy way to demonstrate your company’s products and knowledge.

  • Consistency

    Unlike display ads which have instantaneous and short-lived results, presentations can be used to reinforce a brand's message and identity consistently. It's why they are valuable tools both within and outside the organisation.

  • Interaction

    The surface advantage of any presentation is that you can interact with your audience. The hidden advantage is that you can observe their body language and reactions on the spot – which is helpful when you need to know how people perceive your brand.
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