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An effective mobile app can offer you something that is truly unique and has been long sought-after throughout the long history of advertising - the ability to maintain a constant and direct relationship with the customer.

In addition to its use as a direct marketing channel, mobile apps can also be used as a tool for building user engagement and improving brand value.

GMI & Mobile Apps

With over 23 Years of experience of working with leading brands in the UAE, India and Middle East, GMI can offer you unparalleled technical expertise and marketing insights to develop extraordinary Mobile applications that are optimized to deliver sales and results.

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As the foremost web and digital development agency in these regions, we are uniquely positioned to help you create powerful, interactive mobile app solutions that can empower your brand, grow your business and attract more customers.


Mobile App Development Services We Offer

We combine our unique insights into the usage and purchasing preferences of digital customers in the region, with the remarkable talents and creative genius of our design and development teams to offer you extraordinary mobile apps that are targeted at fuelling the growth of your brand.

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Transformative, Comprehensive, Interactive Mobile Digital Convergence


More than 60% of the internet traffic now originates from mobile devices. In an ever changing digital landscape, these little devices are a rebellion that now far outnumbers the world population.

So, ‘mobilize!’ is the new war cry, and any modern digital marketing strategy that does not plan for mobile devices is incomplete and lacking. We can get you mobile-ready right away.
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Mobile is the future of the internet, and apps will dominate this future, empowering businesses to achieve a unique form of continuous opt-in engagement with their customers.

Customised Mobile Apps Can Deliver Extraordinary Brand Growth

  • Real Time Connection

    This is the major advantage of mobile apps over desktop and mobile websites - being able to connect with users on a real-time basis, constantly providing updates about new products, new services, and offers. Make sure you’re always connected to your mobile customers.
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  • Personalized Services

    This real-time connection can be further used to study customer behaviour and gain a better understanding about their preferences in relation to multiple factors. This allows you to send them targeted notifications about individual products and services - thereby ensuring much better conversion rates.

  • Customer Loyalty

    When customers download a mobile app, they are effectively offering you space in their personal mobile devices. This invitation can be used to build a long term relationship with the customer and offer improved and personalized support services, brand awareness and much more.

  • Competitive Edge

    You’ll find that not every product in the market has a dedicated mobile app that can offer customers smoother and targeted services. This gives you an edge over your competitors and also improves your brand’s reputation among existing and potential customers.

  • Faster Processing and Transactions

    If you are an online business, mobile apps can significantly help you reduce and streamline the steps between selecting a product and making a purchase. This is realized through a dedicated interface, a far smoother user experience, and pre-saved shipping and banking information. Easy interactions and transactions motivate customers to make more impulse purchases, and thereby lead to increased revenue. Optimise your mobile business processes.
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