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40th Year Anniversary Edition | September 30 2018
According to Global Media Insight, UAE residents spend and average of 2.56 hours on social media each day.
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Facebook and Instagram to introduce ways to limit social media time
Arabian Business Article | 02 Aug 2018
According to statistics from Global Media Insight, the UAE has one of the highest rates of social media penetration in the world, with 9.38 of the country’s 9.45 million people being active social media users – 99.26 percent.
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Will video marketing make the written word obsolete?
The National Article | October 14, 2017
According to Global Media Insight, the top active social chat apps and messengers in Saudi Arabia, for instance, are Whatsapp, followed by Facebook messenger and Skype.
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Google, Snapchat celebrate Saudi's 87th National Day
Arabian Business Article | 24 Sep 2017
Figures by Global Media Insight show that it had 4.41 million Snapchat users in 2016.
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Facebook linked to neurotic behaviour
The National Article | March 27, 2017
Global Media Insight, a Dubai-based digital marketing agency, says the UAE now has more than 8.7 million Facebook users.
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Residents help through information-sharing Facebook group
Gulf News Article | December 24, 2016
Although there are other similar Web-based forums for residents, Abu Dhabi Q&A’s success partly stems from the fact that it is hosted on a social media platform used by 46 per cent of the UAE population, as reported by digital agency Global Media Insight.
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Goodbye to Yahoo Messenger
Gulf News Article | August 6, 2016
According to figures by UAE-based digital marketing company Global Media Insight, WhatsApp is the most actively used social messaging app, with 4.32 million users, followed by Skype at 4.23 million, and Facebook Messenger at 3.86 million.
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Social media is the new complaint box for unhappy customers
Gulf News Article | March 30, 2016
According to statistics released by Global Media Insight, the UAE has seen 23 per cent growth in active social media accounts since January 2014.
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Social media: new business platform for young entrepreneurs
Gulf News Article | February 19, 2016
According to 2015 statistics issued by Global Media Insight, a digital advertising agency in Dubai, the average daily use of social media via any device — PC, tablet, phone — is three hours and 35 minutes in the UAE. That is plenty of time to keep up with the latest trends.
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UAE's power of mobile apps
Khaleej Times Article | December 3, 2015
According to Global Media Insight, of the total of 9.58 million people in the UAE, around 8.81 million are active Internet users.
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Social media a virtual necessity for most people
Gulf News Article | July 31, 2015
The latest statistics gathered and displayed on Global Media Insight’s website for the first quarter of 2015 showed that 56 per cent (5.4 million) of the UAE’s population have active social media accounts, out of whom 48 per cent (4.6 million) are active mobile social accounts.
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Digital advertising spikes over Ramadan
Gulf News Article | August 11, 2013
A spokesperson for Global Media Insight, a digital advertising agency in Dubai, agreed with Yousuf.
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Marketing Reality: Digital is not the future, it is now
Khaleej Times Article | December 29, 2012
Rakan, who is currently the general manager — Technology and Business Development for Global Media Insight (GMI), brought over 10 years in professional experience as a digital marketing professional into the MBA classroom.
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