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Iphone Development


A customized iPhone app can turbocharge any business, giving it direct access to a coveted set of high-spending audience, over a remarkably secure and smooth interface and infrastructure, delivered through one of the most aspirational products of the 21st century.

As it happened with the invention of the printing press, the steam locomotive, the radio, the TV and the internet, the dawn of the iPhone was explosive event for the evolution of technology. It was the first phone that dared to dream, to explore and reach out beyond the capabilities of what was considered possible for a mobile device.


GMI and iPhone Development

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been working with leading brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India to realize their marketing and customer outreach objectives through digital, and especially mobile technologies. As a leading web solutions, digital marketing and mobile development agency, we were one of the first to recognize the extraordinary capabilities of mobile technologies and have hence played a critical role in their growth and adoption among businesses in these regions.

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Our iPhone development team is extremely passionate about the ecosystem and make it a point to constantly challenge themselves to push their boundaries to achieve the most powerful features, the most compelling user experiences and the most gorgeous user interfaces.


iPhone Development Services We Offer

  • Custom Apps
  • Games Development
  • M-commerce
  • Social Media Applications
  • Widget Development
  • App deployment to respective markets
  • Flexibility to scale a project up or down
  • API and web service integrations
  • Database driven applications
  • Frameworks We Use for iOS App Development

  • Objective C
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • TheAppBuilder

An Personalised iPhone App That Attracts, Compels and Delivers
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Operate and Engage in the Polished Seamless Stability of the Ecosystem That Redefined Mobile Technology


Even as Android sales have overtaken iPhones, the number of app downloads on each platform remains more or less the same. And more importantly, even with the lesser number of devices, iPhone app downloads generate nearly four times more revenue than Android.

Thanks to the limited and fixed number of devices and variations, app developers don’t have to stretch out their development efforts to incorporate an infinite array of screen sizes and hardware configurations.

iPhone app development requires far less time and money when compared to other mobile OSs, and have customers that actively spend much more on app purchases over a platform that is known to inspire better relationships between brands and consumers.

A Customised iPhone App Can Deliver Unparalleled Growth For Your Brand

  • Polished and Stable

    iPhone is the most technically advanced, secure and polished platform to build your app. Its superior infrastructure delivers a superior user experience. This is the reason for the far greater loyalty and far less cases of defection among iPhone users. The most amazing and intuitive environment for you to connect with your customers.
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  • Relevant Customer Base

    As figures reveal, iPhone customers spend far more on app purchase when compared to Android or Windows. This means that the return on investment is far greater in iPhones. Even if you are not building an app for sale, as a business trying to connect with your users, iPhone offers you access to a higher spending and more relevant set of consumers.

  • Controlled Infrastructure

    iOS developers need to configure and develop their apps to work with only a limited number of iOS devices. This allows brands to cut-down on a large amount of unexpected bugs and the resulting negative reviews in the App Store due to apps not working effectively in certain devices. iOS is also a far more secure, regulated and controlled environment that realizes the extraordinary lag-free, exploitation-free, streamlined user experience of iPhones.

  • Build for Cutting Edge Technologies

    Even as its competitors are catching up, Apple still remains the most innovative, pioneering and trendsetting mobile platform in the market, often introducing technologies and ideas that over upcoming years are often adopted by other platforms in the market. This gives iPhone developers the rare advantage of building, experimenting and adopting newer technologies into their service much earlier. Integrate popular technologies, before they become popular.
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