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Brand Strategy


Any brand strategy is a blueprint for the marketing efforts of a business and how it plans on presenting its brand to clients. It effectively guides the business on building a unique identity and personality for the brand - something that customers can identify easily, and connect and engage with over the long term.

A relevant and comprehensive brand strategy employs well-planned, actionable performance metrics and deep insights into the whereabouts and preferences of customers to guide businesses on building strategies and isolating platforms that can help them achieve organizational goals and business development objectives.


GMI & Brand Strategy

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been a trusted Brand Strategist for both local and international clients operating in the UAE, Middle East and India. We work closely with diverse brands, constantly strategizing, transforming and impacting digital experiences for both businesses and consumers.

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We call upon our full-fledged team of experts and our in-depth understanding of the regional markets to help us build unique and creative digital strategies for our partners that not only meet expectations but surpass them. Our brand strategies are highly result-oriented and our teams are highly proficient in both creating and executing them.


Brand Strategy Services We Offer

  • Full-fledged digital brand strategy
  • SWOT, Competitor Analysis
  • Social media strategy
  • Online branding/Digital branding

Powerful brand strategies that deliver extraordinary results
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Strategy Brand Adoption And Business Growth Through Innovative, Compelling, And Result-Oriented Marketing Strategies


Any business’s brand strategy is an effective journey that aims at clarifying its identity and building a favourable reputation among customers, by cleverly and efficiently focusing on its strengths and achievements.

Promoting your brand through digital media is a multi-step process that requires multiple factors to be taken into account. Only a carefully formulated brand strategy can consider and act upon these at the same time, and essentially realize unprecedented, sales-driven exposure.
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An effective Brand Strategy identifies and isolates platforms and mediums that can deliver the most relevant engagement and then sets up guidelines for the most powerful and compelling messages to be conveyed over them, to deliver maximum impact.

The Right Brand Strategy Can Turbocharge Your Business Development

  • Loyalty and Trust

    Building a personality and identity for your brand inspires your customers to connect with you and engage with you more readily, as they'll start seeing you as more than just a faceless corporate name. This emotional bond helps you stand apart from the competition and ensures very little brand switches. Engage and connect with your customers over the long term.
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  • Improved Targeting

    Your brand strategy can help you analyse, identify, and define your specific target audience, and then tailor your marketing efforts to incorporate unique customer preferences and behaviour shifts to target them more proactively and successfully.

  • Brand Value

    An effective brand strategy enables measures for a brand to be viewed more favourably by both existing and potential customers. This favourable opinion can improve your brand's reputation and have customers believe in the claims you make about your products or services. This significantly reduces product adoption times.

  • Adopt a Unifying DNA

    If you have a brand identity, position or personality that has been successful at engaging with your audience, a sound brand strategy can ensure that this message remains the same across all your products, services and campaigns. This can be done through uniform designs, logos and naming conventions. One example would be Apple's 'i' range of products.

  • Identify Principle Convictions

    A tactical brand strategy can also help you clarify your vision and message not just across your website or promotional content, but also to people within the company. This helps designers, creators, developers and representatives have a clearer idea about the direction the company is moving towards and to ensure that they are working downstream to these objectives. Use your brand strategy to express your values.
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