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dubai tourism

Dubai Tourism Statistics 2021

Once a desert, Dubai is now a modern oasis, basking in the glory of attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. Today, the city hosts some of the most spectacular buildings and skyscrapers. Dubai also offers a variety of entertainment and sightseeing options. The Emirate welcomes all kinds of travelers – whether you are on your honeymoon or on a family trip. What attracts people to Dubai is its development in line with western technology, at the same time retaining their eastern culture.

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UAE Internet Statistics 2021 [Infographics]

The UAE’s digital landscape has witnessed a complete transformation in the last two decades. The country has become the most digital-friendly country in the Middle East by creating a favorable environment for digital innovators. The UAE ranks top among other countries in terms of internet usage, Covid-19 further boosted it. In the period of 2020 to 2021, there was around a 2% increase in Internet usage in the country.

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youtube user statistics

YouTube User Statistics 2021

For sharing videos or advertising, there exists no other platform as rewarding as YouTube on the planet now. There has never been a website in the past decade that gives us opportunities to become popular overnight and make money online by just uploading videos.

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2021 saudi population

Saudi Arabia Population Statistics 2021

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds and is revered as the land of two holy mosques: Mecca and Medina. Mecca, as you know, is a pilgrimage center and where the sacred Kaaba is located. It is a custom among Muslims all over the world to face Kaaba while doing their prayers.  

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and the 18th largest economy in the world. In his Vision 2030 statement, the Crown Prince Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz envisions building Saudi Arabia as an investment powerhouse and a hub connecting the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

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Saudi Arabia Social Media Statistics 2021

Social media has come to play a decisive role in the rapidly transforming Saudi society. Saudi Arabia continues to be a social media powerhouse, being one of the biggest national markets for Snapchat and YouTube in the world. The global rise in social media amounts to 9.2% annually and Saudi Arabia leads the race among other nations with an exponential annual growth rate of 8.7%.

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UAE Social Media Usage Statistics (2021)

The Emirati population has taken to social media like fish to water. Emiratis, on average, spend 2.57 hours on social media daily. Much like in the rest of the world, social media has become one of the most essential parts of daily internet usage in the UAE. It has given a voice to the ignored and served as a melting pot of ideas of all kinds.

Dropping smartphone prices, have driven the massive increase in the usage of mobile phones across the UAE. The large scale rise in the adoption of social media can be attributed to the easy availability of super-fast internet at very low prices. The explosion in YouTube usage is due to the increased prevalence of fast internet connectivity. WhatsApp’s willingness to keep reinventing its product and keep offering novel experiences to its customers is the reason that it has surged past all other competitors and established a unique niche of its own among chat apps.

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UAE Facebook User Statistics 2020

Did you know Facebook attracted 100 million new users in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? If at all the year 2020 offered something good to someone, it is certainly to the social media industry. Read our blog to find out more about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.

2020 has been a year of trials and tribulations for people as well as for the social media networks like Facebook. The social media giant was summoned by the U.S. court for its questionable acquisition of Instagram. But, apart from that and the one-month-long advertiser boycott, Facebook has succeeded in adding millions of new users to its global community.

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dubai facebook users stats

Dubai Facebook Statistics 2020

From its humble beginnings to becoming the world’s most influential social media platform, Facebook has seen phenomenal growth in 16 years, attracting 2.6 billion monthly users from across the world. In fact, the story of its inception had even inspired Hollywood filmmakers to make an Oscar-winning biopic of Mark Zuckerberg called “The Social Network”, one of the highest-grossing films of 2010.

As in the US, Facebook also gained wide acceptance and prominence in the rest of the world. Even in Dubai alone, the platform boasted a user base of 4.5 million people in 2018. However, with the rise of other social media platforms with almost the same features and services, like sharing thoughts, posting photos and videos and following brands, it is now time to check the present trend of the platform. Does Facebook have the same popularity that it once had?

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