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With more than 18 years in the digital landscape, GMI has been providing web design, development & digital marketing services in the biggest names in the business world in in the UAE, Middle East & India We have been at the forefront of all digital breakthroughs and innovations for the past two decades and have written the digital growth stories of some of the best brands in these regions.

Every company wants a web presence today and therefore web hosting plays a crucial role in digital marketing. It’s your company’s warehouse on the world wide web, storing all your crucial data. Web hosting services ensure that your website is available to your customers and that you can update it as and when needed.

Professional web hosting looks after all the nitty-gritties and technicalities of keeping a website up and running while the business owner can focus on fine tuning how the website will look like and function. We also provide a host of other features like finding your domain name to creation and design tools to create your website and email functionalities.
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Professional Web hosting is pretty much like taking your car for service. Any garage can service your car, but only a professional can optimize it to bring out its best performance.

Reliable and robust professional web hosting for secure, stable and scalable website.

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Shared hosting is the answer when you need a stable and reliable online presence but within your budgets. It is particularly beneficial for SMEs and startups as they can transfer all the responsibilities of managing the server to a third party while they work on what’s really important to building their business. GMI has been providing the latest in server management services and solutions to some of the best brands in the UAE, Middle East and India. GMI is strategically linked with Rackspace, the leading name in hybrid hosting today. This allows our clients to take advantage of the reliability and unmatchable quality standards at affordable prices.

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Dedicated hosting gives you unlimited scope for developing your online presence with the added benefits like safety, reliability and customizability. Whether you are an established name in your business circles or a new set-up, dedicated hosting allows unrestricted room for growth and is also an investment into the future. GMI has been offering the best web solutions and server management services to the top names in the UAE, Middle East and India. Our experts have helped several business houses streamline their online presence by choosing the right framework that fit their business goals.

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Cloud hosting will come to the rescue when you don’t have the resources, support system or even the need to move to dedicated hosting servers. Cloud hosting lets you connect to a network of servers to harness a large virtual server space that allows businesses to access unlimited space & the same level of performance that one enjoys with dedicated hosting, but at the cost of shared hosting servers. GMI has been powering the digital growth stories of several brands across the UAE, Middle East & India & has been providing cutting-edge technologies to empower their web infrastructure. Our strategic alliance with Rackspace, the number one in hybrid hosting allows us to offer its promise of Fanatical Support, along with over 18 years’ worth of GMI’s web development experience.

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A domain name that has your company’s identity makes a big difference in how your business is perceived. A unique domain names exudes a professional image and imparts an assurance that your business is authentic and helps in building long-term relationships. GMI has been instrumental in bringing cutting-edge innovative web solutions and server management technologies to our clients in the UAE, Middle East and India for the past 18 years. We have been providing smart, secure and stable email hosting solutions through the industry leaders - Google and Rackspace, without the need for any complex hardware, software or infrastructural requirements.

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G Suite, also known as Google Apps power the business process for more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies and over 5 million global organizations in the world today. Companies - both big and small have come to rely on Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools that can be customized for individual business needs. From personalized email solutions to collaboration and communication apps, it has everything that a business needs to be functional. Global Media Insight has been helping companies, from international conglomerates to small and medium-sized companies in the UAE, Middle East and India with digital marketing and web solutions for almost two decades. Be assured of round the clock support for all our partners with our Hosting, Email and G Suite services.

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From technical support to improved security and stability, professional website hosting is essential for companies with sensitive data with the assurance that your data backup and restoration capabilities are in professional hands.
  • Reliability & customer support

    Professional web hosting provides reliable service unlike free web hosting or large hosting companies which offer free or extremely low cost services. You might be a drop in the bucket and your website will not be looked into. Furthermore, the servers can get hacked and you will have to shell a bigger amount in the long term for the short-term gains. When things go haywire, that’s when you realize the need for customer support. With professional web hosting you can be assured of expert support 24x7, 365 days of the year.
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  • Take control of content

    Unlike free hosting companies, professional web hosting allows complete access to what one posts and how it will appear with absolutely no restrictions on the amount of data or the number of web pages your website can have.

  • Unlimited space and unique domain name

    Get the added benefits of more storage space and dynamic bandwidth that grows according to your need with cloud hosting. This flexibility will not be possible with free hosting services as a user will be assigned a stipulated amount of space and bandwidth for their website. Professional hosting companies also give clients specific domain names to build your brand.

  • Design & SEO

    With professionally hosted websites, one can design the website without any limitations in creativity be it infrastructure-wise and on graphical elements. The website owner can freely play around with various layouts and platforms that best suit their business goals. You can also improve your search result rankings as you take control and optimize the SEO practices.
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