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Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a child of the modern digital age. The widespread acceptance of digital and mobile technologies gave a platform for creatives from across the world to express themselves and build an audience over the internet.

Smart brands can now use the culture to market their products through celebrities that have a heavy influence over their audience’s lifestyle and shopping habits, and can therefore deliver extraordinary growth in sales and revenue.


GMI & Influencer Marketing

GMI has been providing web solutions and digital marketing services to leading brands in the UAE, Middle East and India for the past 18 years. We draw from our unparalleled experience and the expertise of our marketing and digital teams to gather insights into the purchasing practices of local customers and build connections with some of the most prominent influencers in these regions.

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We research across internet and social platforms to find influencers who hold true value and engagement in your specific industry vertical and among your targeted segment of customers, to ensure that the most effecting driving forces are talking to them about your products.

Influencer Marketing Services We Provide

  • Influencer management
  • Influencer campaign conceptualization & execution
  • Influencer campaign content production

Targeted, result-oriented influencer marketing strategies
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Have the People Your Audiences Are Listening To Talk About Your Products and Drive Your Sales


Influencer marketing is a natural extension of the modern celebrity culture. More than that, it’s a natural extension of modern life.

With brands constantly blaring their promotional messages at them, customers tend to listen to the opinions of people they trust and who they believe have more experience with the product. Influencer Marketing takes advantage of this institution at a much larger scale, by getting celebrities and influencers to endorse products.
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Influencer Marketing not only allows brands to effectively introduce themselves to a whole set of audience at one time, but to do it in a way that naturally inspires trust. No other promotional strategy comes even close to delivering the same return-on-investment.

Influencer Marketing Can Help Ignite Brand Adoption Like Nothing Else

  • Instant Credibility

    Influencers have a pre-existing credibility among your customers. And when they talk about your products, they extend this credibility to your brand. Smart businesses can use this reputation not only to build a new customer base, but also have existing customers place greater trust in their products and their brand. Credibility, delivered by experts.
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  • Reduced Time Factor

    The process from launch to acceptance of a product can be a lengthy one, with customers spending a long time undecided about whether they should trust your product or not. If the same product were to be introduced by a celebrity or an influencer whose opinion they trust in, this can reduce the time factor significantly.

  • Focus Your Marketing

    Instead of spending a lot of time, money and resources on spreading your message across platforms where they stand very little chance of being seen or paid attention to, brands can have their messages directly reach the screens of customers they are targeting through influencer marketing, with an added touch of credibility.

  • Engagement and Revenue

    Influencers are creating remarkably engaging and entertaining content that’s powerful enough to attract customer attention and keep them engaged. By using influencers in their marketing efforts, businesses get a chance to talk to their customers, and actually have them pay attention and listen. This naturally leads to increased revenue. Improved engagement to inspire growth.
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