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For over 23 Years, Global Media Insight has been at the forefront of the digital revolution in the Middle East and India. We’ve witnessed the growth of social media from its infancy - thanks to this we understand what it takes to create and execute compelling content for the social space.

No media today can match up to the power and impact of social media as a communication platform, promotional tool, and an interactive medium. But all social networks are not created equal. By treating all social channels the same way and sharing content in a mechanical way, brands end up harming their sales and reputation.

Our skilled in-house team of multilingual copywriters provide error-free, optimised content for major social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. Impress existing customers and attract new ones with high-quality content that gives value.
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Social media as marketing is effective because it’s democratic. People choose which brand to follow - this means that individuals who engage with your content already have an interest in your brand and are thus easier to target.

Social content is about more than just shares and likes. It’s about using content to target your customer at critical points during their day.

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Social Media Video Production

We create high-quality video for every type of purpose and medium, including social media. Our in-house team specialises in compact, high-impact videos, set up on a regular basis according to your social media schedule. Our capabilities include branding, promotional, commercial and animated videos - from conceptualization to production.

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Social Media Content

Our creative and social Super Specialists have crafted successful brand journeys across the Middle East and India with top quality content. We create optimised content tailored to your audience's specific interests and preferences, while also by factoring in the aspects of your brand's persona, marketing budget, KPIs and long-term strategy.

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Multilingual Social Media Content

People consume content in the language they’re most comfortable with, and for most people, English is not a native language. Overcome language barriers and open up new business opportunities, with top-quality, error-free multilingual content by our expert team of copywriters and translators.

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Content saturation in social media means that people will only engage with well-produced, thoughtful content that solves a pressing problem or has an emotional impact.
  • Brand Recognition

    People browse the web for information to such an extent that if it’s not online, it doesn’t exist. Don’t let your brand be invisible. Reach out to your audience with social media content that establishes your business as a trusted resource.
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  • Build Relationships

    Interesting topics and an interested audience are the elements of a good conversation. It’s no different on social media. A smart brand produces content that appeals to its particular audience segment, generating positive conversations around the brand that help with its reputation and search rankings in the long run.

  • Bring Down Marketing Costs

    Producing quality content for social media is much more affordable than purchasing a primetime spot on TV. It also has much higher staying power - generating plenty of little conversations that improve ROI over the long term compared with the intense but short-lived effect of a press release or provocative billboard.

  • Bring in Traffic

    By generating conversations, quality content has a substantial effect on your website traffic and overall sales. Unlike traditional advertising, the traffic surge is steady, consistent and long-lasting - delivering benefits that outweigh the costs.
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