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Campaign Objectives


For the past 23 Years, GMI has played a pivotal role in shaping the business landscape in the UAE, Middle East and India. We made this possible by helping some of the leading brands and businesses in these regions find success through customized online campaigns designed to target their specific demographic of customers, while striving to achieve distinct business goals.

There is never a one-size-fits-all for any marketing or advertising campaign. Not just for different businesses and industry verticals, campaigns will also have to be varied for the same brand or product at different stages of its growth. This is because as a business’s most pertinent objectives keep changing, so do the campaign strategies needed to make these possible.

Our exceptional teams of digital, marketing and SEO experts do an in-depth study of your business, your most relevant demographics, your growth plans, and your business goals. We then design campaigns that meet these unique goals, reaching out and engaging your customers in a manner directed to meet your most pertinent and current business development objectives.
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A customized campaign that takes into account the various factors affecting a business and where it is in the process of its growth can have unparalleled effects on marketing efforts of any brand or business.

Powerful marketing campaigns, tailor-made to meet your unique business goals.

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Our Campaign Expertise


Branding/Awareness Campaigns

As the very first step in its marketing efforts, any new brand or product entering the market has to be effectively introduced to potential customers. This is where a branding or awareness campaign can help out. At GMI, our branding and awareness strategies are designed following a detailed analysis and study of your business, your brand, your competitors and how your services and pricing compare against them. We then leverage this information into the existing marketplace to best attract, educate and engage your potential customers over a range of digital platforms and mediums.

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Conversion/Lead Campaigns

As businesses evolve, so do their objectives and goals. For an established business, the most relevant measure of achievement is the number of leads and conversions its able to achieve. A strategic lead/conversion campaign can offer extraordinary results in attracting potential customers to a website and transforming them into paying ones. GMI's team of designers, developers and content creators will go through a careful study and analysis of your business, and the market that you operate in, to design the most powerful and cost effective campaigns and deploy them over carefully selected platforms to draw the most impact for your products or services.

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A strategically designed, customized and targeted marketing campaign can have wide-ranging effects on your business’s long term prospects.
  • Improved Communication

    Unlike traditional or generic marketing campaigns, a customized and tailored campaign, formulated following a detailed study of the brand and its business development goals, will be much more aligned with its long term objectives. It will also be able to communicate and engage with customers more easily.
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  • High ROI

    Targeted campaigns deliver far greater results while operating within a certain budget and limited resources. This is achieved by focusing on certain distinct objectives and striving specifically towards them.

  • Better Marketing Insights

    It is much easier to measure and improve upon the effectiveness of a campaign that's designed for a specific purpose than one that's generic. These insights can be used to advertise better and engage better with potential consumers.

  • Efficient Conversion Tracking

    Campaigns can also be a medium for businesses to learn about how customers feel about a certain brand and gather feedback to make improvements in the product or service. This can be done by analysing the differences between the number of leads generated by the campaign and the number of actual conversions.
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