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Progressive Web APPS

Progressive web apps are a powerful amalgam of mobile browser apps and native apps that combine the features, functionalities and benefits of both. Pioneered by Google, they are the next step in the evolution of the mobile ecosystem.

A progressive web app is a mobile website that was built using web technology but acts and feels like an app-store app.


GMI & Progressive Web Apps

Mobile websites tend to be a stripped-down version of the app, driving people to the app store to gain a better experience. Progressive web apps change the game by using the technology of the internet to deliver a rich app experience in your mobile web browser.

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With over 23 Years of experience, we’re one of the leading developers of progressive web apps in the UAE, Middle East and India.


Progressive App Development Services We Provide

Experience the benefits of the latest technology with our in-house development services for progressive web apps.

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The Next Step of the Mobile Web


Native apps deliver a rich user experience, but they require users to go through many steps, from download to sign-up. Furthermore, they need constant updates and take up a lot of space. Mobile browser apps are free of these constraints but lack the richness and depth of content that native apps provide. They’re also impossible to access offline.

Progressive web apps work online and offline. Compared to native apps and mobile web apps, they deliver superior speed and performance. Take advantage of this technology to reach out to your consumers online and offline.
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Progressive web apps don’t need app store approval. This reduces the waiting period and enables us to quickly push the app to market.

Why You Need Progressive Web Apps

  • 2-in-1 is Better than 1

    Progressive web apps feel like a native app and function like a website. They don’t take up storage space, don’t require constant updates and are responsive across all devices. With all of the benefits and none of the limitations of current apps, what’s not to like?
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  • Easy Accessibility

    No installations or signups - progressive web apps are accessible from a browser without the need to download. Your customers need not incur data charges every time they visit your site - making your business more inclusive and accessible to your target audience.

  • Works Outside the Web

    Progressive web apps are driven by a technology called Service Workers that enable cache storage, allowing your business to remain available offline. It's especially useful if your customers are in an area with a patchy net connection.

  • Better User Coverage

    The result is better user targeting, increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Experience the benefits of progressive web app technology for your brand.
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