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Digital Strategy


A well thought out digital strategy can not only help empower a brand's digital presence, it can also elevate its reputation and image and thereby connect more effectively with customers, cutting across demographics and geographical boundaries.

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, contributing passionately to the rewriting of long-established rules of marketing, redefining how companies across industry verticals have come to communicate with consumers in the 21st century. Working with leading national and international businesses across the UAE, the Middle East and India, we have helped hundreds of brands streamline their digital marketing and advertising efforts to derive improved engagement and conversions.

Digital Branding is an umbrella term under which we offer a range of digital marketing, online branding and outreach services. Our digital branding efforts involve a three-pronged approach wherein we upgrade your brand's digital presence using the most cutting edge digital technologies, formulate the most effective strategies to empower business development efforts and isolate and identify social media channels that can deliver the most engagement from your unique demographic of customers.

We have exceptional teams of remarkably talented and battle-hardened digital and marketing professionals, perpetually passionate about leveraging some of the most cutting-edge digital technologies and innovative marketing strategies to help leading multinational brands enhance their digital identity.
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A well thought out digital strategy can not only help empower a brand's digital presence, it can also elevate its reputation and image and thereby connect more effectively with customers, cutting across demographics and geographical boundaries.

Powerful, intuitive, customized and all-inclusive digital strategies, designed for your long term growth.

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Digital Consulting

Digital technologies are some of the fastest evolving entities among all modern means of marketing and advertising. And in spite of the many new and exciting opportunities of engagement that they offer, this evolution also compels brands to regularly transform their established digital marketing infrastructures to maintain relevance among competitors. GMI can put its many years of digital experience to help you identify and isolate digital technologies that can drive the most growth for your brand, and thereby guide you towards allocating your resources towards these instead of distributing them throughout platforms that deliver little impact.

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Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is an actionable roadmap that can help your business navigate through confusing advertising and marketing decisions, and choose ones that guide you to your most pertinent goals and objectives. It can help the brand build a unique personality and image, that customers can easily identify and seek out from among competitors. GMI can help you build unique strategies and implement them in researched and isolated mediums that can drive the most engagement from your specific set of consumers. Our strategies are highly result-oriented, formulated following a deep analysis and regard for regional, demographic and cultural factors, and designed not only to draw immediate engagement, but also long term relationships.

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Social Media Strategy

Over the past decade social media platforms have grown exponentially, not only in their influence and expansiveness, but also in the many means and variety of communication that they offer users. For brands trying to engage audiences, social media can either be the perfect medium to connect with consumers or a digital quagmire where they lose efforts and resources with very little to show for it. This where an effective social media strategy can help out. GMI can help you formulate highly targeted social media strategies that are designed considering personalized metrics based on your business objectives and marketing plans. Our cost-effective strategies identify and isolate platforms and create and design content that can draw the most impact from your customers.

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The right digital strategy, that combines cutting-edge digital technologies, smart branding strategies and the most effective social media outreach for your unique objectives, can be game-changing for your business development efforts.
  • High ROI

    The first and foremost advantage of a digital strategy is being able to target your marketing efforts to specific demographics and channels instead of blindly going in and spreading out your resources in areas that achieve little results. This form of targeted marketing focusses your efforts and draws high returns on your investments.

  • Long Term Action Plan

    Your digital strategy can also help your build up a long term action plan that will guide your marketing efforts over the coming years. Since a digital strategy also includes contingencies for different events during the brand’s life cycle, you would never be caught unprepared for any surprises that might come along the way.

  • Better Engagement

    A digital strategy can help a brand engage with customers most effectively and successfully through image building and smart outreach policies. This engagement not only draws immediate financial results, but also helps build relationships that last for a long time.

  • Tracking, Analysis and Improvement

    Taking a planned approach to your marketing efforts helps you follow up and measure its direct results more accurately. This analysis also outputs suggestions and guidelines on improvements that can be made both over the long and short term to build a more robust marketing and outreach infrastructure.

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