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Social media has become very popular in the UAE. And it’s getting harder for people to imagine life without apps like Whatsapp and Instagram. For businesses, these platforms are even more valuable, and they are now a key part of their marketing mix because they help them generate revenue and reach customers worldwide in a cost-effective way.

Here, let’s take a look at the UAE’s social media statistics in 2024 to see where the mainstream social media platforms stand today.

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UAE Social Media Statistics 2024 (Key Takeaways)

  • Social media user identities account for 112.30% of the total population i.e. 11.50 million people.

  • The average daily time spent on social media is 2 hours and 58 minutes.

  • WhatsApp is the most-used social media platform with 5.66 million active users. 

  • WhatsApp is also the most popular social media platform with 1.70 million users.

  • Facebook has the highest usage with people spending 29 hours and 48 minutes on it.

  • 3.435 million users say that keeping in touch with friends and family is the main reason for using social media.

UAE Social Media Statistics 2024 (Infographics)

Social Media Users in the UAE 2024

UAE can be described as the social media capital of the world.

This can be attributed to a largely young demographic and a high proliferation of smartphones.

Jumana Khan, a notable social media influencer with over 9 million users emphasizes that social media in the UAE is filled with entertaining content that businesses as well as individuals can use to expand their horizons.

As of January 2024, there is a 99% penetration of internet users and social media user identities have an astounding 112.30%(11.50 million) penetration.

The fact that social media user identities exceed the total population of the UAE (10.24 million) is a testament to the fact that social media is a part of the everyday lives of UAE citizens. 

Social Media Time Spent 2024

Average daily time spent using Internet across all devices

8 hours 11 minutes

Average daily time spent using social media

2 hours 58 minutes

According to the latest statistics of 2024, UAE citizens spend around 8 hours and 11 minutes using the internet and 2 hours and 58 minutes using social media.

These figures show that online activities are ingrained into the lives of UAE residents.

While these platforms entertain, they are also used by policymakers to engage with the citizens.

10 Most Used Social Media Platforms in the UAE 2024

Social Media PlatformsPercentageUsers
WhatsApp85.80%5.66 Million
Facebook80.30%5.29 Million
Instagram80.10%5.28 Million
TikTok71.80%4.73 Million
Facebook Messenger64.70%4.27 Million
X / Twitter54.40%3.59 Million
LinkedIn52.90%3.49 Million
Telegram51.70%3.41 Million
Snapchat43.40%2.86 Million
Pinterest32.40%2.14 Million

Note: *Percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 who use each platform each month

In 2024, the following platforms have emerged as the most popular ones:

  • Whatsapp occupies the first position with 85.80% or 5.66 million active users. It provides safe personal and professional interactions with its encrypted message feature. Since it has a large user base globally businesses use this platform for marketing, customer service, and group messaging among others.

  • Facebook occupies the second position with 80.30% or 5.29 million active users. From social interaction to brand engagement, this platform has a variety of useful features that help individuals and businesses. It even has an analytics tool that helps businesses to measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

  • Instagram occupies the third place with 80.10% or 5.28 million active users. This platform is used for several reasons-from sharing exquisite travel experiences to brand promotions, Instagram offers a platform for creativity and connection.

  • Other platforms like TikTok with 71.80% or 4.73 million users, Facebook Messenger with 64.70% or 4.27 million users and Twitter/X with 54.40% or 3.59 million users occupy the 4th, 5th and 6th positions respectively.

  • The last four positions are occupied by LinkedIn (3.49 million), Telegram (3.41 million), Snapchat (2.86 million) and Pinterest (2.14 million).

 Social Media User Growth in UAE (2015 – 2024)

202411.50 Million*
202310.73 Million
202210.68 Million
20219.84 Million
20209.73 Million
20199.52 Million
20189.38 Million
20179.20 Million
20166.30 Million
20155.40 Million

*Note: It is changed to social media user identities instead of social media users from this year onwards

UAE has been witnessing tremendous social media user growth for several years.

It has impacted the way both businesses and individuals communicate.

Over the past decade, the number of social media user identities has tripled since 2015, when there were only 5.40 million users.

In 2020, the users hit a total of 9.73 million people.

However, today in 2024, the social media user identities has risen to 11.50 million in four years. 

These figures show how the UAE has rapidly adopted digital technologies and how the younger demographic is driving the technological revolution. 

Time Spent Using Social Media Apps in 2024

Social Media PlatformsTime Spent
Facebook29H 48M
Tiktok27H 12M
Youtube25H 22M
Whatsapp15H 16M
FB Messenger15H 02M
Instagram13H 18M
Line5H 41M
Snapchat4H 30M
X / Twitter3H 48M
Telegram3H 31M
Pinterest1H 50M
LinkedIn1H 06M

UAE citizens are complete social media enthusiasts.

It’s no surprise that Facebook has the highest usage with people spending 29 hours and 48 minutes on this application.

TikTok is the second most used application with people spending 27 hours and 12 minutes on it.

The third position is occupied by YouTube with people spending 25 hours and 22 minutes on it. 

The fourth and fifth position is occupied by messaging apps – Whatsapp users spend an average of 15 hours and 16 minutes on this application while Facebook Messenger users spend 15 hours and 02 minutes on it.

Demographic Profile of META’S AD Audience

Age GroupMaleFemale
18-24 Years13.10%6.50%
25-34 Years29.10%12.70%
35-44 Years17.60%8.20%
45-54 Years6.10%2.80%
55-64 Years1.70%0.80%
65+ Years0.80%0.50%

Note: *Share of combined, deduplicated potential advertising reach across facebook, Instagram, and messenger, by age and gender

The demographic profile of Meta’s ad audience reveals interesting results.

We see that younger social media users, especially the age group of 25-34 years have the highest engagement rate of 41.8%.

The second highest is between the age group of 35-44 years with 25.8%.

The third highest is the 18-24 age group with 19.6%.

Similarly, we can see that male participation is high across all age groups.

The highest is of course in the 25-34 years age group with 29.10% males, the second highest male participation is in the age group of 35-44 years with 17.60% male participants.

If we look at the female presence on the Meta platform, the highest participation rate is in the age group of 25-34 years with 12.70%.

The second-highest female participation rate is in the age group of 35-44 years with 8.20%.

Favorite Social Media Platforms in the UAE 2024

Social Media PlatformsPercentageUsers
Whatsapp25.80%1.70 Million
Instagram20.40%1.35 Million
Facebook19.00%1.25 Million
Tiktok15.50%1.02 Million
FB Messenger4.30%0.28 Million
X/Twitter3.40%0.22 Million
Linkedin2.70%0.18 Million
Snapchat1.80%0.12 Million
Pinterest1.50%0.10 Million
Telegram1.40%0.09 Million

Note: * Percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 who say that each option is their “favourite ” social media platform

While analyzing the most favorite social media platforms between the ages of 16-64 years, this is what we see.

WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular choice in the UAE with 25.80% or 1.70 million users.

This is because the platform offers a simple and intuitive interface and the Whatsapp payment feature allows users to make purchases easily.

It is closely followed by Instagram at 20.40% or 1.35 million users and Facebook at 19.00% or 1.25 million users.

Both these platforms allow targeted advertising and reach a diverse demographic.

The rise of visually engaging platforms is evident, with TikTok securing a significant 15.50% share or 1.02 million users.

Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn also maintain notable but relatively smaller user bases at 4.30% or 0.28 million, 3.40% or 0.22 million, and 2.70% or 0.18 million respectively.

Snapchat, Pinterest, and Telegram garner lower percentages, indicating a more niche presence in the UAE social media landscape. 

10 Main Reasons For Using Social Media In 2024

Keeping in touch with friends & family52.10%3.435 Million
Filling spare time35.80%2.360 Million
Watching or following sports34.20%2.255 Million
Reading News stories32.80%2.163 Million
Seeing what’s being talked about30.80%2.031 Million
Finding Content (eg: Articles, Videos)30.40%2.004 Million
Work-related networking or research30.00%1.978 Million
Finding inspiration for things to do and buy29.80%1.965 Million
Finding products to purchase29.40%1.938 Million
Making new contacts29.00%1.912 Million

Note: * Primary reasons why internet users aged 16 to 64 use social media platforms

Social media in the UAE serves many purposes.

According to research, the age group of 16-64 years use social media platforms for the following reasons:

The first reason is communicating with family and friends(3.435 million or 52.1%).

Whether it is messaging apps or social media profiles, people in the UAE share their day-to-day activities and milestones with their family and friends using their accounts.

Given that social media apps are filled with visual content, most people in the UAE log in to their respective social media accounts whenever they are free.

So filling spare time is the second reason(2.360 million or 35.80%). 

Keeping up to date with sports (2.255 million or 34.2%) and news stories (2.163 million or 32.80%) and reading about trending topics (2.031 million or 30.8%) are some of the other reasons why people in the UAE use social media.


Thus the social media statistics in the UAE 2023 reveal some interesting facts.

It would be fascinating to see how social media evolves and changes the lives of people in the UAE.

Read on to find out about the social media statistics of 2023.

UAE Social Media Statistics 2023 [Infographics]

Social Media Users in the UAE 2023

UAE mainly consists of a young demographic that actively engages with social media. Since social media platforms allow for two-way communication, even the UAE government uses them to share their policies, initiatives, and accomplishments with the public. Moreover, being a multicultural community, social media also helps people to bridge the cultural divide and create a sense of community.

It looks like social media marketing in Dubai is likely to grow in 2023, since 9.97 million people in the UAE use social media. One of the primary reasons for such high social media usage is the level of internet penetration; 99% of the UAE population has internet access today.

Social Media Time Spent 2023

In 2023, being active on social media means more than just posting your latest photos. It also means monetizing your account, generating income from your followers, and participating in the day-to-day affairs of the country. For passive users, social media allows them to keep up with breaking news and global events.

UAE residents spend an average of 2 hours and 50 minutes a day on social media and 7 hours and 29 minutes a day on the internet.

10 Most Used Social Media Platforms in the UAE 2023

Social Media PlatformsPercentageUsers
WhatsApp79.60%6.73 Million
Facebook78.70%6.65 Million
Instagram73.40%6.21 Million
TikTok67.40%5.70 Million
Facebook Messenger63.20%5.34 Million
Twitter55.00%4.65 Million
LinkedIn48.10%4.07 Million
Telegram44.50%3.76 Million
Snapchat41.20%3.48 Million
Pinterest31.90%2.70 Million
* Percentage of internet users aged 15+ years who use each platform each month

Different social media platforms are vying for the loyalty of their users by providing engaging, user-friendly interfaces as well as distinctive features and functionality. In 2023 UAE, the following social media platforms have emerged victorious in the popularity race:

  • WhatsApp ranks first with 6.73 million active users. Despite being more of a messaging platform than a social media, this platform allows for active networking with a lot of people. 

  • Facebook is in the second position with 6.65 million users. One of the oldest of all platforms available, It has a simple interface which helps users to quickly connect with friends and family.

  • Instagram is in third place with 6.21 million users. Being focused on mobile users, it offers a platform for instant sharing of photos and short videos called reels. Instagram has helped both content creators and companies to generate ample revenue.

  • Viral challenges and strong influencer marketing have helped TikTok gain the fourth position. It has 5.7 million users in the UAE today.

  • FB messenger, another messaging app, comes in fifth place with 5.34 million users.

Twitter with 4.65 million users and Linkedin with 4.07 million users come in the sixth and seventh position respectively. The last three positions are occupied by Telegram (3.76 million), Snapchat (3.48 million) and Pinterest (2.7 million).

Note: All of the data presented above is based on the monthly usage of users aged 15 and above.

Social Media User Growth in UAE (2014 – 2023)

202310.73 Million
202210.68 Million
20219.84 Million
20209.73 Million
20199.52 Million
20189.38 Million
20179.20 Million
20166.30 Million
20155.40 Million
20144.40 Million

UAE has been witnessing tremendous social media user growth for several years. It has impacted the way both businesses and individuals communicate. Over the past decade, the number of social media users has tripled since 2014, when there were only 4.40 million users. In 2020, the users hit a total of 9.73 million people. However, today in 2023, the figure has risen to 10.73 million, which is a growth rate of 10.28% in three years. 

Therefore, we can conclude that social media will continue growing and continue affecting the social, economic, and political landscape of the UAE in the years to come. 

Popular Messenger Apps in the UAE 2023

Messenger AppsPercentageUsers
WhatsApp80.20%7.99 Million
FB Messenger64.40%6.42 Million
TikTok42.40%4.23 Million
Skype33.60%3.35 Million
Snapchat33.40%3.33 MIlion
Wechat24.10%2.40 Million
Viber20.70%2.06 Million

Messenger apps allow users to communicate in real-time regardless of location or time. Voice and video calling along with file sharing have made these apps quite popular in the UAE. Most of these apps are also free, which makes them accessible to a large group of people. In 2023, the following are the most popular messenger apps:

Social Media Advertising Audience Profile in the UAE

Age GroupMaleFemale
* Share of total Advertising Audience across Facebook, Instagram and FB Messenger by Age & Gender

A key metric that helps businesses with their marketing is the audience profile. If you know who your target audience is, you can create customised marketing activities that help you get a higher return on investment (ROI). Here you can see the combined Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger advertising audience by age and gender.

In the UAE, we can see that the social media advertising profile is dominated by males at 70.20% and females occupy 29.80%.

Based on demographic factors (age and gender), the 25-34 years age group has the highest share with 30.20% males and 12.30% females. The 35-44 years age group comes in second place with 17.90% males and 7.70% females. The 18-24 age group has the third highest share with 12.80% males and 5.40% females. 

Advertising Reach of Social Media Platforms in the UAE 2023

  • As of January 2023, Facebook’s ad reach was 77.8% of internet users.

  • As of January 2023, Instagram’s ad reach was 52.7 % of internet users.

  • TikTok’s potential ad reach in the UAE between early 2022 and 2023 climbed by 1.5 million (+22.5%).

  • Snapchat’s potential ad reach in UAE between early 2022 and 2023 climbed by 750 thousand (+23.1%).

UAE’s Favorite Social Media Platforms in 2023

Social Media PlatformsPercentageUsers
Whatsapp26.90%2.27 Million
Instagram17.80%1.50 Million
Facebook17.50%1.48 Million
Tiktok14.60%1.23 Million
Twitter5.70%0.48 Million
FB Messenger4.30%0.36 Million
Linkedin2.70%0.23 Million
Snapchat2.40%0.20 Million
Pinterest1.20%0.10 Million
Telegram0.90%0.08 Million
* Percentage of internet users aged 15+ years who say that each option is their “favourite ” social media platform

According to a survey of 16 to 64-year-old UAE social media users, the favourite social media platforms are: 

  • WhatsApp is the favorite social media platform for 2.27 million users.

  • 1.50 million people prefer Instagram.

  • Facebook has dropped to third place, with 1.48 million users voting for it.

Reasons for Using Social Media in 2023

Social media has a lot of benefits and that makes it a must-have in today’s world. Whether you use it for work or fun, social media is a powerful tool that helps you stay in touch with people and build communities. Based on a random survey, here are some of the main reasons why people in the UAE use social media in 2023.

  • 3.95 million users claim to use social media to keep in touch with friends and family.  

  • 2.85 million users indicate that they use it to fill their spare time. For many people, scrolling through social media posts and exchanging likes and comments is the new form of entertainment. 

  • 2.73 million users say they use social media to read news stories and keep up with current events around the world.

Other main reasons cited by UAE users for using social media include finding inspiration for things to do and keeping themselves occupied, watching and following sports, watching live streams, etc.

(You can continue reading about the UAE Social Media Statistics for 2022 in the blog below.)

UAE Social Media Statistics 2022: Infographics

Social Media Users in the UAE 2022

Social Media Users in UAE in 2022 represents the number of people who use either one or more social media platforms. To put things in perspective, the total population and  total internet users are also given as background information. 

  • Total internet users amount to 9.979 million.
  • Including Businesses, there are 10.68 million active Social Media Users.
  • The average growth in active social media users is 8.2%.

Social Media Time Spent 2022

Today in 2022, people have started spending more time on the internet and social media. It could be because of the emergence of new platforms like TikTok and various other factors like YouTube addiction and good quality content. As of the latest reports, people in the UAE spend an average of 1 hour and 12 minute more on the internet these days than in 2021. And there is an increase of 9 minute in daily social media usage in 2022 than in 2021.

  • The UAE spend an average of 8 hours 36 minutes per day on the Internet.
  • Their daily social media usage is 3 hours 04 minutes in 2022.

Social Media User Growth in UAE (Jan 2014 – Jan 2022)


Users (in Million)

Jan 2022


Jan 2021


Jan 2020


Jan 2019


Jan 2018


Jan 2017


Jan 2016


Jan 2015


Jan 2014


Social media platforms help people in many ways, from reconnecting with old friends to expanding one’s professional network. So it is not surprising that social media usage has increased steadily over the last decade in the UAE and across the world. From January 2014 to 2022, 6.28 million new users have started using social media. And most notable growth happened in 2017. Around 2.9 million new users were added to the user list in just one year and the reason could be TikTok.

  • In January 2017, 9.20 million people used social media in the UAE. The figure rose to 9.73 million in 2020 and 10.68 million by the first quarter of 2022. 
  • There has been a steady growth in the number of social media users over the last decade. 

Popular Messenger Apps in the UAE 2022

Messenger Apps

Users (Percentage)

Users (in Million)




FB Messenger


















It must be noted that messenger apps are becoming more popular than some social media platforms. For example, WhatsApp has the highest user base in the UAE with 80.20% of the internet users using it. Messenger apps not only help people to chat with their loved ones instantly but also benefit businesses in myriads of ways. Today, most businesses have started using messenger apps like WhatsApp and Telegram to talk directly with their customers. 

  • WhatsApp users in 2022 UAE have touched the 8.08 million mark.
  • Facebook Messenger comes in second with 6.49 million users, representing 64.40% of the internet user population.
  • TikTok is the third most popular messenger app in the UAE and has 4.27 million users. 
  • Other popular messengers app in UAE are Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, and Viber

Social Media Advertising Audience Profile in UAE 2022

The Social Media Advertising Audience Profile 2022 gives you an idea of whether it is still profitable to advertise on the three most dominant social platforms i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Businesses based in the UAE or hoping to expand into the UAE can use this information to plan their advertising budget for 2022.

  • When it comes to the gender ratio, the male social media audience accounts for 68.1%, while the female audience makes up 31.9%
  • When we examine the advertising audience by age and gender, we can see that the 25-34 age group has the highest share, with males accounting for 30% and females, 13.8%. The second position is secured by the 35-44 age group, where males make up 16.7% of the population and females, 8%. The age group 18-24 years holds the third-highest percentage, with males accounting for 12.4% and females, 5.7%.

UAE’s Favorite Social Media Platforms in 2022

This is based on a survey conducted in the first quarter of 2022 among UAE internet users between the ages 16 and 64.

  • WhatsApp comes first in the survey of the most popular social media platform, with 29.5% votes
  • 23.5% of users prefer Facebook to other platforms
  • Instagram is the third most popular social media platform. 17.5 percent of users voted for it.

Reasons for Using Social Media in 2022

Social media gives its users access to a world of professional opportunities, as well as a range of entertainment options. Here is a survey conducted among UAE internet users aged 16 to 64 that explains why people log in to various social platforms in 2022. 

  • 53.4% of internet users say that they use social media to keep in touch with their friends and family.
  • 34% of respondents say it is to fill their spare time that they log in to social media.
  • 33.7% access social media to read the latest news stories.

Top Social Media Influencers in the UAE 2022

An interesting outcome of the growth of social media platforms has been the rise of the ‘influencers,’ as well as the influence they have had on social and cultural norms. According to a recent study, three out of four people in the UAE follow influencers. Of these, 29% follow health and fitness influencers. So global brands are setting aside a major portion of their marketing budget to partner with influencers. Today, influencers are present in every realm including entertainment, lifestyle, food, fashion and beauty.

Among all the social media platforms, Instagram has emerged as a solid platform for brands. Let us look at the biggest influencers in the UAE:

  • Haifa Beseisso – @flywithhaifa : A TV presenter who is passionate about several things including travel, cross-cultural interactions etc. 
  • Zahra Abdalla – @cookingwithzahra : She juggles many roles including TV chef and Sudanese-Iranian author.
  • Wael Abualteen – @waelalteen : His travel feeds are unmissable.
  • Fazza – @faz3 : Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai is known for his posts on travel, adventure, falcons etc.
  • Milli Midwood – @millimidwood : A digital editor at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia she is also an NMC-licensed lifestyle blogger.

Social Media Trends in the UAE 2022

Social media platforms have evolved into one of the most effective ways for marketers and businesses to build fan bases for their brands. In this regard, several social media trends have risen to prominence in the year 2022. Let’s look at some of these:

1. TikTok

A platform for short videos, Tik-Tok deserves more than a passing mention. It has surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity and reach in a short span. With the introduction of the e-commerce feature, the app now also allows its users to shop directly on the platform. This makes Tik-Tok a revolutionary social media app and a must-have in every business’s marketing strategy for 2022.

2. Short Videos

Short videos are the in thing these days, thanks to the growing popularity of Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. Since users now prefer short videos, businesses must start focusing on producing short video content if they want to remain relevant.

3. Organic Engagement

Continuous engagement is required for any brand to maintain a loyal customer base. Using social media platforms with a well-defined strategy and goals can help brands create high-quality content and pique their audience’s interest. They should create a strong bond with their audience by replying to their comments, answering their questions, etc.

4. VR and AR

Since the pandemic, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have made their way into social media platforms. People are now looking for new ways to interact meaningfully with their favorite brands virtually. This is where AR and VR come in handy. Therefore, marketers should definitely think about leveraging these technologies.

(You can continue reading about the UAE Social Media Statistics for 2021 in the blog below.)

UAE Social Media Statistics 2021 : Infographics

Social Media Users in the UAE

According to the latest statistics, a whopping 98.98% of the UAE population remain active on social media. This means that in 2021, an eyeball popping 9.84 million people come online on social media almost every day out of a population of 9.94 million people. In 2021, UAE saw a 1.6% annual growth in internet users. The usage of social media recorded a 0.0% Unchange from the previous year.

Mobile social media usage has been booming in the country. 9.12 million users access social media through their mobile devices. That is 99% of the population of the country. The 2020 usage statistics show that the number of mobile social media users in the country recorded a 10.6% growth with more than 932,000 new users added last year. Falling smartphone costs and easy availability of cutting edge technology are the major reasons for this boom.

Popular Social Media Platforms in the UAE

UAE Facebook & YouTube Users 2021

YouTube is the most popular social media platform in 2021 with 7.89 million users. Almost 79% of the UAE’s population has profiles on Facebook while YouTube’s penetration also stands at 87.40%.

Facebook has found favor among the commercial entities, the political class as well as the masses of the country. The latest statistics for 2021 show that, with 7.85 million users, Facebook is poised to remain a potent force for many years to come. Several popular brands use their Facebook profiles to reach out to fans and provide them unique offers and messages.

Facebook platform with 7.85 million users, faces stiff competition from Instagram. A very large percentage of Instagram’s 6.67 million users are young people, especially teenagers.

A few other social media platforms that are popular in the UAE are Twitter (52% penetration), LinkedIn (51.50% penetration), Pinterest (30.20% penetration) and Tumblr (18.70% penetration).

Popular Messenger Apps in the UAE

Predictably WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the UAE. WhatsApp has 7.97 million users in the UAE, which is 80.20% of the country’s total population. FB Messenger, with 6.40 million users and 64.40% penetration among the UAE population, is second. Despite frequent disruptions in service, Skype remains third in popularity with 3.34 million users, while Snapchat, which is really popular among teenagers, has 3.32 million users. Fifth in the list of 2020 social media chat apps is WeChat with 2.40 million users.

Popular Messenger AppsActive Users
Whatsapp7.97 million
FB Messenger6.40 million
Skype3.34 million
SnapChat3.32 million
WeChat2.40 million
Tik Tok4.21 million
Viber2.06 million

Social Media Advertising Audience Profile

The Future of Social Media in the UAE

From being a force for connecting people, social media has now evolved into a major advertising medium for brands to connect with their customers. Social groups play a massive role in connecting people with similar interests and they can also serve to motivate people to improve themselves. Facebook communities are also playing increasing roles in ever-transforming global geopolitics.

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Disclaimer: GMI acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything that has been represented on this infographic. The information represented is based on information researched from various sources on the internet. We are not liable for any errors, financial loss, or damages of any kind that may result from the use of, or reliance on, the information herein.

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