Nov7 2017
Aug18 2016
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Imagine yourself on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You finally have the time to try your hand at Lebanese cuisine. So you go on Google and search for “Lebanese recipes”. You get a list of lists. For the next 30 minutes you go to each of the links, read through their recipe recommendations, come back, click on the next one and repeat – until you realize that you’re too tired and would rather just order in.This is where Google’s Rich Cards can help you out. One of Google’s biggest visual updates for search results in mobile devices this year, rich cards can offer you recipes and movie recommendations from each link right in your results page, along with images and additional info. Rich cards on a mobile browser appear as carousels that can be scrolled easily as they are laid out horizontally.

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Jul21 2017

UTM Parameters – An Efficient Way To Analyse Site Traffic From Social Media

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If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re using social media for marketing campaigns and Google Analytics to measure the traffic from your posts. Analytics, by default, will show the sources of your traffic at a particular time – whether it’s from Facebook, Twitter, online search or referrals from other websites.

But what if you want to dig deeper? That is, you don’t just want to see traffic numbers from Facebook, but whether that traffic is coming from a link in a particular post or comment. Then you need to start using custom UTM parameters for all social media links that point to your website, whether they are organic or paid.

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Jul9 2018


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Wikipedia is the world’s favorite and most used reference publication. The Wikipedia is a web-based, multilingual free encyclopaedia-the single largest most popular general reference publication. If you as an individual or an entity aspires to have a presence, then Wikipedia is the place for you.

In the past the Encyclopedia was a print publication and limited to few individuals as not many could afford the price. Presently with the introduction of Wikipedia, anyone who can access the internet can use the Wikipedia. It was created by Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger on 15th January 2001 – the very same year ‘Global Media Insight’ was established. Google started its operations 3 years earlier on 15th September 1997.Being the most used and popular reference publication, Wikipedia is held in great esteem. It’s very common to see people argue based on facts stated by Wikipedia.

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