Jul9 2018


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Wikipedia is the world’s favorite and most used reference publication. The Wikipedia is a web-based, multilingual free encyclopaedia-the single largest most popular general reference publication. If you as an individual or an entity aspires to have a presence, then Wikipedia is the place for you.

In the past the Encyclopedia was a print publication and limited to few individuals as not many could afford the price. Presently with the introduction of Wikipedia, anyone who can access the internet can use the Wikipedia. It was created by Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger on 15th January 2001 – the very same year ‘Global Media Insight’ was established. Google started its operations 3 years earlier on 15th September 1997.Being the most used and popular reference publication, Wikipedia is held in great esteem. It’s very common to see people argue based on facts stated by Wikipedia.

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Aug29 2016

Must Have Tools And Services For Web Design Agencies

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Today, the internet is the most powerful marketing platform in the world. While its open laws allow individuals, businesses and organisations to claim their own space, the number of visitors and customers they attract depends on their individual marketing efforts and the appeal of their online presence.

To create an attractive online presence or to build a website, businesses turn, by and large, to web design agencies. These agencies then employ a range of web design tools to bring design ideas to life. Below, we explore some of the most popular, powerful and effective web design tools in the market today.

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Aug26 2016

5 Rules For Choosing A Web Design Company In Dubai

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In the Internet Age, a website is your most valuable asset. It’s doubly right for business owners, for whom a site is the most efficient and cost-effective way to spread their message, gain new customers and establish their brand’s reputation. Since the website is such a valuable asset, it makes sense to hire a reputable web design company for creating it.What are the things you need to remember before investing in a web design agency in Dubai? Here are the six rules to follow.

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Nov20 2017

3 Well-Crafted Websites In Dubai

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What are the key elements of a good website? Appealing design, simple navigation, and content that answers a user’s most important questions: “what does your brand do?” and “what’s in it for me?”. All of these elements must be woven around a key concept – the brand’s USP – to tell a compelling story that will draw the user in.

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Nov21 2016


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Thanks to far-sighted policies and cutting edge technology, the UAE is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the Middle East. More and more businesses in the region from startups to corporations are realizing the importance of well designed websites for attracting customers, reaching new markets and growing brand awareness, and they are willing to invest in the resources needed to achieve it.

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