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Wordpress Development

One of the most powerful CMS platforms in the market, WordPress delivers unmatched results to help businesses build gorgeous, highly-intuitive websites that fuel growth by engaging customers and improving conversion rates.

Used as a base for almost a quarter of all websites and more than 40% of all CMS websites in operation around the world, WordPress dominates the internet to many degrees.

GMI & WordPress Development

For the past 18 years, GMI has been working with some of the biggest brands in the world to create extraordinary online spaces that welcome customers wholeheartedly and offer them an environment that compels them to engage and build a relationship with the brand.

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Over these years, we have borne witness to the evolution of CMS technologies from their infancy, and have come to understand and recognize the incredible capabilities of the WordPress platform.


WordPress Development Services We Provide

  • High level of customization over online assets
  • SEO implementation
  • Design/integrate/modify themes
  • Design/integrate/modify plugins
  • Code-level security
  • Implementing large scale digital marketing efforts
  • Content and marketing support
  • High-level QA to eliminate any kind of design or content breaks
  • Websites:
  • E-commerce websites
  • Business websites
  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Forum websites
  • and much more

Stunning Wordpress Websites Optimized for Your Brand
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Powerful, intuitive, gorgeous WordPress websites to realize your online ambitions


The most sought-after CMS platform in the world, WordPress comes with a lot of features and tools, in addition to thousands of plugins and themes that are highly customizable according to your preferences.

The WordPress platform delivers surprising expandability and marketing optimization, to match your unique business objectives and the needs of your targeted customer base.
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WordPress offers you not only the elements and tools your business needs to operate smoothly today, but also those that can power its growth in the future.

Fuel the Growth of Your Business With a Powerful, Customised WordPress Website

  • Feature-Filled

    WordPress is a powerful CMS platform, built on an extraordinary framework that helps you realize and deliver remarkable features and services to your customers. You can use the platform to build everything from simple one-page websites to multi-section e-commerce portals with thousands of products and product sections.
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  • Customisable

    There are thousands of plugins and themes available to customize the look, feel and features of the website. WordPress also allows an amazing amount of expandability - meaning features and designs can be replaced or added to, as and when required, delivering a highly editable website that evolves with the brand.

  • Easy Management

    Since WordPress uses simple and easy to understand codes within its infrastructure, it becomes very easy for search engines to index the website. This makes it very simple for designers and developers to optimize the content to deliver high rankings.

  • Easy to Use

    The primary objective of any content management system is to offer an easy management solution for website owners, without demanding significant programming knowledge. This ensures that the growth of a business isn't reliant on the amount of technical support that a website has or the number of developers that the admin has access to. Owners can make changes to the website from a single window interface from anywhere in the world easily and without great effort.

  • Cost-Effective

    The platform offers remarkable return on investment, majorly as a result of the incredible features, customization and ease-of-use it offers. This means that if you are a business looking to expand or make some changes to your designs, you do not have to go out of your way to employ programmers and resources to make this possible. Build the most optimised digital presence for your business needs.
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