Best 4 Web Development Add-Ons For Firefox

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Sep 7 2016 at 10:53am

In the context of user popularity, Firefox comes second only to Google Chrome and is a trusty fall-back when Chrome crashes or fails to load. Part of Firefox’s appeal comes from its powerful add-ons library, which lets users install plug-ins that enhance the browser’s functionality. In this post, we have narrowed the choices down to […]

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Sep 5 2016 at 5:45am

Browsers today can incorporate any number of extensions and add-ons that improve productivity and make our lives easier. In this post, we’ll feature some of the best Chrome extensions for web developers and designers. These are handy to have around if you want to do the groundwork for a project, automate a painful task, or streamline […]

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Must Have Tools And Services For Web Design Agencies

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Aug 29 2016 at 11:32am

Today, the internet is the most powerful marketing platform in the world. While its open laws allow individuals, businesses and organisations to claim their own space, the number of visitors and customers they attract depends on their individual marketing efforts and the appeal of their online presence. To create an attractive online presence or to […]

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Popular Web Design Trends In 2016

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Aug 10 2016 at 10:25am

The internet evolves every day, and this is largely fueled by the universal inclination among businesses and website owners to offer improved user experiences to their customers. User experience is a derivation of both a website’s aesthetics and its ease of use and is implemented through web design principles.

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Aug 6 2016 at 11:01am

As the Apple-FBI battle in the United States grinds to an unexpected halt or what could be a turbulent beginning, the world is propelled into an all new conversation about privacy and encryption in the digital world. Today, the internet is littered with mines like snoopers, hackers, spammers or even governments waiting to grab your […]

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