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Learn from your Audience – LISTEN!


Most brands are ready to step up on the bandwagon to join their competitors or simply to have a presence on social platforms. Content is posted, competitions with large media spend bring in more fans and the brand is content with their Social presence. What a lot of brands are not doing is actually LISTENING to their audience.

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Adwords Dynamic Search Ads

Innovation from Google Adwords

Google Dynamic Search AdsGoogle Adwords has introduced this innovation so that the advertiser gets every element of their campaign automated. Thus the adcopy is generated by Google Adwords based on the content of the advertiser’s website. The system also identifies the most opportune moment & then triggers the advert.

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Target mobile users with landing pages optimised for mobile users


For regular search it was always known that web pages optimised for mobiles get higher in the search engine results page. We have the latest update that Google has made this the rule even for Google adwords advertisements targeting mobile internet users. Thus Google adwords advertisers targeting mobile internet users, can get more competitive bid amount provided the advertisers landing page / click through page is optimised for mobile internet users.

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