Driving Results in the UAE with DV360 Programmatic Advertising

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Jul 10 2023 at 9:21am

Programmatic advertising is gaining significant traction in the UAE as businesses are looking for better ways to reach their target audiences. DV360 is one such powerful programmatic media management solution that can help businesses achieve their campaign goals. 

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have been leveraging the capabilities of DV360 for several years to run highly successful programmatic ad campaigns. 

And, we have noticed that many businesses in the UAE still show reluctance towards adopting this tool. If you are one among those, then this blog is for you!

In this blog, we will provide insights into the performance of DV360 based on our own usage. The statistics below represent an aggregate analysis of our ten most recent DV360 ad campaigns.

DV360 Campaign Performance in UAE – Key highlights

  • Khaleejtimes was the top source of impressions for our DV360 campaigns in the UAE, with 22.91% of the total impressions.
  • Manoramaonline.com was the best-performing website for DV360 ads in the UAE, with 19.19% of the clicks.
  • Dubai generated the most impressions for our DV360 campaigns. Nearly half of the total impressions (46.93%) were from Dubai.
  • Smartphones showcased the best performance for our DV360 ads in the UAE, with 61.82% of impressions and 81.84% of clicks.

DV360 Advertising Websites with High Ad Impressions in UAE

Below are the top 14 websites where ads garnered substantial impressions. Khaleejtimes emerged as the leader, with ads generating 22.91% of the total impressions. In second place is Manoramaonline, the most-preferred news portal among the Malayali diaspora in the UAE, with ads accounting for 14.67% of the impressions. Gulnews secured the third spot, with ads receiving 14.14% of the impressions.

Graph representation for DV360 campaigns. Top websites with high impressions in the UAE

DV360 Advertising Websites with High Ad Clicks in UAE

When it comes to clicks, ads displayed on Manoramaonline proved highly effective, attracting 19.19% of the total clicks. Dailymail ads followed closely behind, generating 15.15% of the clicks, while Fandom ads accounted for an impressive 14.75% of the total clicks.

WebsitesClicksCTRCost (AED)

DV360 Ad Impressions by Emirates

Since the target market was the UAE, the main keyword used across all ten campaigns was Dubai. However, it was important to not leave out any other emirate while running the campaigns. So, out of all the impressions, almost half (46.93%) originated from Dubai. Abu Dhabi secured the second position with 27.55% of the impressions, followed by Sharjah with 17.48% of the impressions. Collectively, these three emirates covered 95% of the UAE market.

DV360 Device Impressions in UAE

DevicesImpressionsClickCTRCost (AED)
Connected TV4.66%0.79%0.01%19.77%

Given the campaigns’ primary focus on smartphone users, the outcomes were satisfactory. The majority of impressions, 61.82%, and a significant share of clicks, 81.84%, came from smartphones. On the other hand, desktop devices accounted for 29.76% of the impressions and 13.83% of the clicks.

DV360 Performance by Ad Format

Our ten DV360 campaigns consisted of diverse ad formats, including Rich Media, Video, and Audio. Overall, these ads performed remarkably well. Rich media achieved a total of 71.66% impressions and 61.11% clicks, for 20.56% of the overall cost. Skippable Video Campaign had a higher cost compared to its results, generating only 10.09% impressions and 15.12% clicks, while comprising 41.76% of the cost. On the other hand, Non-Skippable Video Campaign achieved 7.17% impressions and 10.17% clicks at a cost of 22.54%. Additionally, there were Audio ads specifically tailored for YouTube Music and Spotify, generating 5.32% and 5.76% of the impressions, respectively.

CampaignsImpressionsClicksCTRCost (AED)
Rich Media Campaign71.66%61.11%0.06%20.56%
Skippable Video Campaign10.09%15.12%0.10%41.76%
Non-Skippable Video Campaign7.17%10.17%0.09%22.54%
Audio Ads – YouTube music Campaign5.32%5.12%0.06%8.18%
Audio Ads – Spotify music Campaign5.76%8.48%0.10%6.96%

All this reveals that DV360 is a superior programmatic advertising platform for businesses in the UAE. With its robust capabilities, you can not only run successful advertising campaigns but also achieve your marketing goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a trusted digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have relied on DV360 for many years to deliver the best results for our clients. Thanks to its powerful capabilities, it will continue to be our top choice for driving success in programmatic advertising. If you are looking for reliable DV360 advertising services in Dubai, contact us now.

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