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DV360 Advertising Service in Dubai

DV360 is a unified platform for planning campaigns, managing creatives, organizing audience data, and buying inventory. At GMI, we use the advanced functionalities of the platform to help you get more traffic at less cost.

GMI & DV360 Advertising

Over the past two decades, GMI has been providing 360° digital marketing services to our clients in the UAE. We have a dedicated online advertising team that stays on top of the latest trends in online advertising.

We are a Google Marketing Platform certified company that offers comprehensive online advertising solutions including programmatic buying, real-time bidding & demand-side platform management.


DV360 Services We Offer

Custom Media Buying Strategy

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Every business needs a unique DV360 strategy for the best results. Before launching your campaigns, our team formulates a customized strategy to help you target the right audience.

Insight-Driven Solutions

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Insights help you control your ad spend to the minutest aspect. We create advanced DV360 dashboards to continuously monitor your campaign performance and come up with effective solutions.

Audience Management

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With the unique features of DV360, we help you build and manage audiences based on available first-party, third-party, and Google data. Our experts create proper audience lists for your ads based on campaign activity.

Advertising on Premium Video Inventory

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According to a Cisco prediction, videos are going to make up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2022. With DV360, we discover and manage high-quality inventory from top publishers for your video campaigns.

Why Choose DV360 for your Campaigns?

DV360 makes sharing data and insights across different teams effortless, thus helping us manage your campaigns for the best results. Also, the platform allows tracking budget spent, and exactly where the ads are running, across all your campaigns.

DV360 comes with built-in intelligence to automate tasks like bidding and optimization besides automatic insights and recommendations that accelerate results.

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Increase Your Roi With The Advanced Capabilities Of Dv360

Transform Your Business With DV360

Smart campaigns
DV360 offers tools that help to leverage your campaigns with an automated and self-learning bidding process. The platform makes use of Machine Learning so that we can achieve maximum efficiency.

Smart targeting
DV360 offers refined targeting options using Google audiences. The platform also offers advanced features like granular targeting, and reports on impressions, frequency, audience behaviour, etc.

Smart inventory
Besides access to open exchange and multiple ad exchanges, DV360 also offers a private marketplace where we can explore and negotiate deals easily.

Smart optimisation
The platform offers unparalleled optimization tools that offer advanced viewability and customer acquisition metrics.


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