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Google Voice Search & Seo

Google Voice Search and Seo

Google’s recent revelations that a majority of its searches comes from mobile devices comes as no surprise with more than 80% of the world’s population having access to smartphones. But what did surprise a lot of people was the fact that a significant part of those queries were voice based.

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Google Rich Cards – A Far Richer Search Experience

Google Rich Cards

Imagine yourself on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You finally have the time to try your hand at Lebanese cuisine. So you go on Google and search for “Lebanese recipes”. You get a list of lists. For the next 30 minutes you go to each of the links, read through their recipe recommendations, come back, click on the next one and repeat – until you realize that you’re too tired and would rather just order in.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

The internet era has spewed creative ideas by the dime a dozen. And terms like “innovative” and “extraordinary” have to come to be freely used on almost all new developments. This can be counterproductive, building up a kind of indifference among observers, and leading them to distrust new ideas. That is until a technology so disruptive and powerful comes along that it shines through and refuses to remain unnoticed.

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Dubai Facebook Users 2016 (Infographics)

Number of Facebook Users in Dubai

Let us give you a detailed insight into the Facebook user stats for 2016 in Dubai. In our earlier post, we had provided data for Facebook usage in the UAE as a whole. Not surprisingly, the social giant is the social media of choice for approximately 7.5 million users in UAE. And the city of Dubai directly contributes to 54.67% of the UAE Facebook Users. That makes a whopping 4.1 million Facebook Users from Dubai.

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Search Ads Rolled Out for the Apple App Store

Search Ads Rolled Out For The Apple App Store

Following the beta test that began in June, Apple’s App Store will display search ads from Wednesday, October 5. The ads will appear at the top of the results page when an iOS user enters a search term. The motive seems to be to boost search discovery – according to Apple, 65% of all app downloads come from the search results. Interestingly enough, Google has had search ads in the Play store for over a year.

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Information Architecture and How It Affects SEO

Web Information Architecture

Information Architecture is a web design and development technology that advocates the structuring and shaping of websites in such a way as to enable and enhance findability and usability. In simpler terms, information architecture is about organizing the often complex sets of information in a website into a comprehensible and ordered structure.

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How To Design An Effective Sales Page

Effective sales page Designing

Before learn how we can design and build effective sales pages, it’s important to understand what exactly a sales page is. A sales page is a webpage that is created for the sole purpose of selling a product. It could be your landing page, your home page or any page that tries to convert your visitors into customers.

To meet its purpose it is essential that your sales pages are attractive, engaging and compelling enough to motivate your visitors to sign up or buy your products. Below we try to explore a few factors that can contribute to helping you build an effective sales page.

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Fundamental Principles To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

Fundamental Principles to keep in mind while Designing a Website

For long, design was an element neglected by web developers. This was because during the early years of the internet the importance of the aesthetics of a website was severely undermined as a factor for attracting visitors.

But now, in this era of digital marketing, we understand that a website’s design and layout are just as important as content and usability to gain search engine rankings and to draw visitors. In fact, web design contributes not just to a website’s traffic, but also to its branding and conversion rates.

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