Apr17 2017


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Whether you are new or know a bit about Facebook Pixels, this article is for you. Know about the many benefits of using Facebook Pixels for your online marketing.

XKEYSCORE, Tempora, PRISM, FTM, Tacfin, MUSCULAR, NSA, GCHQ, five eyes and governments don’t need to look very hard to get more information about you than has been publicly available all the while.

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May29 2017


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There are few information which Facebook misses out due to it’s limitations. Learn, how Advanced Matching bridges this gap

There is a lot that Facebook Pixel can do for you. Whenever a user who’s logged into Facebook on their browser visits a website with the Facebook Pixel plugin, their behaviour and details are mapped and identified for analytics. In fact, Facebook Pixel can capture all types of possible events and information, which can be leveraged for personalized campaign objectives.

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Event Mapping and Re-targeting

This information is stored in a cookie that’s created in the user’s device. The cookie transmits this data, at regular intervals, to Facebook. It is matched with existing data in the Facebook database. The database contains huge sets of similar information that Facebook has collected from user activity on its social media platform as well as from other third party sources.

Thus, Facebook is able to intelligently & accurately profile your website visitors. This makes for efficient re-targeting.

Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

But imagine a scenario where the user employs multiple browsers or is operating mobile only. In such cases, Facebook Pixel might not be able to accurately identify the user and whom to assign the events to. This is where Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching can help out. Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching passes the user’s email ID, name, gender, city and such other details into the Pixel parameters.

Thus, even in scenarios where there isn’t sufficient information to profile the Facebook users with their web interactions using Pixel, Advanced Matching can identify them to a large degree of accuracy using these external details. We’ll discuss more about how to implement Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching and how to use it to improve the effectiveness of your advertising in our next section.

Get in touch with us today to have all your questions answered about Facebook Pixels & learn how you can leverage it for your business needs.

Jan1 2022

15 Best Programming Languages for Web Development in 2022

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Web development is an evergreen field where opportunities are always plenty. Since its emergence in the early 90s, the development industry has evolved and thrived in various ways and domains. Today, in the 21st century, web development remains one of the most sought-after skills. To begin a career in this domain, mastering web development languages is essential. However, with the various programming languages that exist today, you may get confused about choosing which languages to learn, especially if you are a beginner. 

This article aims to introduce you to the 15 best programming languages for web development in 2022. We will discuss the use cases, features, pros, and cons of each language so that by the end of the blog, you will have a better understanding of different programming languages. 

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Nov10 2017


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For a long time,building and managing a website was a very tech-heavy project, something that only those with continuous access to an expert technical team would dare undertake. That was before content management systems burst into the scene. With CMS, we suddenly had a disruptive new form of technology, offering a dynamic, flexible and easy-to-use web development alternative.

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Aug18 2017

5 Simple Actions For Website Optimisation

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As early as 2010, site loading speed was listed by Google as a crucial factor in their site ranking algorithm, and they’ve recently updated their mobile algorithm to include page loading speed as a ranking signal for mobile sites as well.

Statistics show that speed is a vital factor for increasing conversions – a second’s delay can result in a 7% loss in conversions, and 79% of users who have trouble with a site’s speed is unlikely to return for a second look. Every user consistently wants a fast-loading website – that’s why optimising your site for faster performance is crucial.

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