Nov4 2015

7 reasons why brands in Dubai should advertise on Instagram

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Attention smart, proactive business owners, marketing managers in Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and rest of the Middle East.  This is the right time for you to advertise your brand on Instagram and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. With the right digital advertising agency and advertising strategies, you can take your ROI (Return on Investment) from good to great.

Here are 7 reasons why your brand should start advertising on Instagram

1. Your ads get noticed more. There are far fewer brands advertising on Instagram than in Facebook or YouTube, so the ones advertising here capture the attention of the audience on a bigger scale.

2. You automatically get the ‘elite’ brand positioning. Since there are very few brands advertising on Instagram, the ones that already advertise seem to be the elite few.

3. Spend less, get more. As the number of advertisers are fewer, the cost for advertising in Instagram is lesser.  Just like how you advertise in Google, YouTube and Facebook, all these ads are CPC (Cost Per Click). When there more advertisers, naturally, the competition for the ad space increases and so will the cost. Why wait for all that to begin? Advertise your brand today.

4. 53% of Instagram users follow brands they love. Instagram users are constantly on the lookout for the brands they love. Advertising your brand in a very attractive way in this photo-sharing site promises a very effective audience reach and following. Source>

5. You can always lead followers to your main website. Instagram ads, when clicked, can take the Instagram user to the brands Instagram page or to the specific web page of the brand – for effective communication.

6. Allows you to create different ad visuals. Instagram offers brands more than an image advertising option with video advertising. This is a visually immersive experience with the power of sight, sound and motion, up to 30 seconds duration in landscape format.

7. Give users the complete customer journey. Taking image ads to another level, Instagram offers brands an additional layer of depth to photo ads. Consumers have the option to swipe to see additional images and a call-to-action button takes them to the specific webpage of the website where they can find out more.

 Instragram Sponsored AdsSource : Instragram Ads

Undoubtedly, this is the best season for brands in Dubai to advertise on Instagram. This is also the right time for brands to advertise in other cities in the region like Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Alkhobar, Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain, Muscat, Beirut & Amman.

Instagram is the leading mobile advertising platform in all these cities as in any other popular cities worldwide.


Here are some of the leading UAE based brands in terms of Instagram followers.

Instagram Profile Followers  1.1M followers 909K followers 312K followers 236K followers 214K Followers 165k followers 137K followers 127K followers 103K followers 99K followers 97K followers 80.2k followers 78.8K followers 75K followers 49.9k followers 22.2K followers 20.8K followers 16.7K followers 10.7K followers 10.6K followers 7.8K followers 7.5K followers

Leading Instagram Profiles of Dubai

Leading Pan Arab Brands

Here are few of the leading pan Arab brands in terms of instagram followers:

Instagram Profile Number of Followers 1.5M followers 639K followers 95.9K followers 74.8K followers 65.3K followers 63.1K followers 43.4K followers 32.9K followers 31.2K followers 12.5K followers 11K followers 60.8K followers

Global Airlines from Middle East

Lets have a look at the best global Airlines from Middle East* in terms of Instagram followers:

Instagram Profile Number of Followers 909K followers 639K followers 464K followers 312K followers 264k followers 260K followers 253k followers 249k followers 178k followers 110k followers 18.9k followers 7.5K followers

*for benchmarking purpose we have added a few non Middle Eastern airlines as well!!

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