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Feb 21 2013 at 9:40am

Innovation from Google Adwords

Google Dynamic Search AdsGoogle Adwords has introduced this innovation so that the advertiser gets every element of their campaign automated. Thus the adcopy is generated by Google Adwords based on the content of the advertiser’s website. The system also identifies the most opportune moment & then triggers the advert.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are a great innovation of Google Adwords. This was introduced in October 2012. DSAs are automatically generated, easy to maintain and will help advertisers to gain additional traffic.

Dynamic Search Ads show your ads automatically based on the content of your website. With the help of organic search index of your website, Google determines whether the users’ search matches with the product and services offered in your website. Based on your dynamic ad target, an ad text headline will be dynamically generated by using words from the search phrase and content from the landing page chosen for the ads. Dynamic Ad Targets can be your whole website or specific sections of your website, such as, pages of specific categories, titles, URLs or certain words.

Some of the benefits of dynamic search ads are they don’t have to maintain a long list of keywords and keep checking on whether the ads have shown for all relevant searches. As we are not using keywords, we no longer have to monitor the bids. DSA will not affect the performance of your keyword-based ads in your account as the dynamic search ads won’t show when the users’ search exactly matches with a keyword in your keyword-based campaign.

Dynamic search ads will help you target your ads to all searches related to your product or service. As hundreds of new searches are occurring daily, we may not be able to target them with phrase match or exact match type keywords. Adding broad modifier keywords in your keyword-based campaign may bring all these searches to your website but may also bring along irrelevant traffic which will not be profitable for you in the long run.

Many studies have found that the cost of DSA campaign is high when compared to keyword-based campaign. In dynamic search ads, Google takes complete control over the ads shown to users. Specific pages of the website are selected for this kind of campaign. The ads are based on dynamic ad targets. It is also found that the automatically generated ads by Google sometimes may not perform as effective as individually created ads and caused in lower click-through-rate and conversion rate.

Optimizing the dynamic search ads campaign continuously can help you achieve a consistent Return on Investment (ROI). The campaign can be optimized with the help of search term report and the category report. The incoming traffic can be closely monitored using search term or search query report and negative keywords can be added. Adding negative keywords will help you control unwanted traffic to your website and the amount you tend to lose by invalid clicks. The search term report is also a great place for finding new keywords. The category report will give you an understanding of how your campaign performs based on the category.

As with any adwords campaign, we should monitor the campaign periodically. We cannot completely forget dynamic search ads once it is set. The periodic review and constant optimization of dynamic search ads help you in generating a good number of sales at lower conversion rate.

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