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Jul 2 2021 at 10:45am

Enterprise businesses need enterprise-level analytics solutions. If you have expired the free features of your Google Analytics Standard subscription, chances are you are looking for a more robust, enterprise-level analytics solution that meets your requirements. Google Analytics comes in two versions – the free version (Standard Google Analytics) that most people have come to love, and the enterprise version […]

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Social Media, YouTube & Fashion

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Mar 13 2021 at 6:01am

Two decades ago, when my disposable income increased I had both time & money to follow some of my passions. One of which was beholding beautiful things & the other was photography. Armed with a camera & with enough time at my disposal, I drove to pristine natural settlings & fashion shows. Although appreciative of nature in […]

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Urgent Need For Health & Wellness In Our Offices

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Jan 6 2021 at 6:53am

The more we embrace digital technologies and modern means of communication in our lives, the more “sedentary” becomes a definition of our lifestyle. The human body was never built to be seated for long hours at a stretch. Our modern office culture of continuous sitting has affected our health in the form of a whole […]

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Why Is Google Analytics The Favourite Web Analytics Platform In The...

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Oct 4 2020 at 6:53am

Right from the top news portals in the UAE, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi use Google Analytics. Check out,,, Corporates like MAF, Al Tayer, MAF Properties, Emmar, Nakheel use Google Analytics. UAE’s very own e-commerce portal is also on Google Analytics. Analytics tools have multiplied in numbers in recent years, thanks to the […]

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