Dec17 2021


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Most probably, you might have a search box on your website. But do you know what your visitors are literally searching for? It takes just a couple of minutes to set up search query tracking in your Google Analytics account. This can actually provide you with great insights into your website content. Visitors who use the search bar on your website are more likely to convert into a customer. This helps convert potential buyers who are aware of what they’re looking for. Auto-complete suggests relevant products that a visitor might not have thought of. Here are some benefits of search term tracking.

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Oct8 2020
Dec22 2021


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Google recently announced one of the major updates in its analytics domain which has been in beta for over a year Google Analytics 4(previously App+Web). With the rapid increase in the number of new platforms be it apps or the IoT devices there has been a huge increase in the data source in analytics and a need to unify these streams within Google Analytics has always been a challenge.

Until recently, web analytics was different from apps in the sense that the dimension and metrics used for the reporting were atypical even though the end conversion(purchase, form fill or any other action) would be the same across the different platforms.

GA4 allows users to connect app and website data within one property, thereby unifying the interaction across devices and platforms to better comprehend the cross-platform customer journey that led to the conversion. GA4 with its cross-platform and predictive analytics capabilities is surely the next biggie in a cookie-less future in the biggest indicator being that GA4 is now the default property in Google Analytics accounts.

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Nov25 2021
Oct2 2021


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Choosing the right CMS often calls for great amounts of research and discussions with vendors galore. Ignoring it can often cause you to pick up something haphazardly which either your business genuinely doesn’t need or is too costly to maintain.  

Now, businesses connect with their customers through their various online touch-points.

A stable content management system that incorporates the entire content landscape of an organization and smoothly integrates with manifold systems has become the need of the hour.

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