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Top 4 Content Management System Platforms (CMS) in the UAE

Posted by GMI Blogger Posted in Website Development
April 11th, 2017 at 12:54pm

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing economies in the world today. The country has witnessed an extraordinary growth in terms of the number of businesses and individuals building an online presence for their brand. Businesses from across industry verticals have come to understand that the internet could be the best place for them to reach out to customers, interact with them and positively affect their marketing decisions.

CMS platforms are a godsend for these young businesses, allowing them to achieve a truly vibrant and dynamic online space that helps them engage and connect with their customers easily, even if they possess limited technical expertise or do not have access to a ready team of developers and programmers.

Even as they ride in on the digital wave that’s sweeping the nation, CMS platforms have instigated an economic revolution in the country. Entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources can now create and manage a website easily. This helps them more effectively exploit the far-reaching capabilities of the internet to not only market and sell their products, but also in long-term business development efforts.

Below we take a look at the four most popular content management systems in the UAE:cms platforms

Note: The information below is based on data collected from websites that use the “.ae” extension.

  • WordPress

It is no surprise that the most widely used CMS platform in the world is also the most widely used choice in the UAE. The percentage of people and businesses using WordPress in the country stands at an impressive 58.62%.

cms usage in uae

WordPress is one of the most expansive and customizable CMS platforms in the world and is the perfect web solution for requirements ranging from small personal websites to multi-level e-commerce platforms. WordPress supports tons of plugins that can be used to add functionality and features to any website.

Its remarkable popularity ensures that there are tons of tutorials available online to guide you through the various stages of development, should you choose to do it yourself. There is also the added advantage of a vibrant and supportive community of users who will only be happy to help out with any issues you might run into during your development process.

  • Wix

Wix took the internet by storm when it was first introduced. It offered one of the most user-friendly web development interfaces among the many other options in the market. UAE, with its new and young digital economy, has been quick to adopt the platform. Today, over 8% of the websites running on content management systems in the UAE use Wix.

Wix allows users to build websites with advanced features and functionalities using tools and options that can simply be dragged and dropped into the canvas. This combination of an absolutely code-free environment and the real time visual feedback of the changes being made in the website allows nearly anybody to build their own website, and realize their artistic vision, ideas and business development ambitions more effectively.

  • Blogger

With 7.16% share of the market, Blogger is the third most widely used content management system in the UAE. As a primarily blogging platform, it is one of the easiest to use options among the others mentioned here. Owned and managed by Google, it takes advantage of the extraordinary scope and capabilities of the search giant’s ecosystem and offers a remarkably quick-to-setup blogging solution with tons of options and plug-ins for easy monetization.

  • Joomla

Joomla offers you a remarkably interactive and easy to realize online presence that comes with advanced features, data integrity, versatility and robust infrastructure in an easy to use development environment. In fact, Joomla is the perfect middle ground between easy usability and advanced customization. Its many development advantages, added to the high level of security that it offers, make it the first choice among many multinational companies and government agencies across the world. The platform is slowly gaining ground in the United Arab Emirates and today controls 3.03% of the market.

GMI has been a pioneering player in the digital space of the UAE for the past 16 years. We have contributed to the growth and adoption of digital technologies among enterprises and individuals in the region by helping our clients effectively exploit the internet to build their brand and grow their business. If you would like to get yourself a powerful, customized digital space that can turbocharge your business development efforts, get in touch with our team of digital super specialists today.

Note: The information below is based on data collected from websites that use the “.ae” extension.


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