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Wordpress Websites - Design

With over a quarter of the world’s websites running on the platform, it really isn’t a far off judgment to make that WordPress more or less powers the internet. A highly customizable open-source system, it can be used to effectively build everything from the smallest of microsites to large, multi-section e-commerce websites with thousands of products.

WordPress’s popularity is maintained by its expanding list of features, and realized by an innovative, user-friendly and powerful content management system.


GMI & WordPress Websites

For the past 21 Years, we have been providing web design and development services to some of the biggest national and international brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India. As one of the leading WordPress design and development agencies in these regions, GMI can help you create powerful, attractive, customized online solutions, tailor-made to meet your unique business requirements.

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Our team of WordPress designers and developers are highly adept at exploiting the extraordinary capabilities of the platform, to create innovative web solutions.


WordPress Design Services
We Provide

  • Highly-customized designs
  • Demographic-focused designs
  • Responsive designs
  • Designs for improved branding
  • Theme creation
  • Integration of purchased themes
  • Design changes in existing website
  • UX/UI changes to improve conversion

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Captivating, Powerful, Customised
Wordpress Websites That Drive Your Growth


WordPress is an open-source, secure, and easy-to-use CMS platform that comes packed with a host of incredible features.

WordPress offers easy, code-free management and transformation, using a plethora of plugins and design themes to tailor the look and feel of the website and number of services offered - making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to extend their presence online.
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Smart brands can take advantage of WordPress’s remarkable malleability to customize their website to achieve critical business objectives and connect with their unique segment of customers.

Empower Your Online Presence With a
Dedicated WordPress Website

  • Customization to Match Requirements

    This is one of the biggest benefits of the WordPress platform - the ability to deliver unprecedented customization in looks, features and capabilities very easily. This is realized through the thousands of themes, design elements and plugins that the WordPress CMS allows - any of which can be used to implement service or design changes at the click of a button. Set up your online space today.
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  • Functionality Without Design Sacrifices

    Since these themes and plugins are designed just for WordPress, they’re able to work with each other smoothly and effectively. This ensures that you never end up losing any functionality or design feature, due to conflict between themes or plugins.

  • Remarkable Return on Investment

    WordPress is one of the most cost-effective content management systems on the planet, offering powerful features and designs at very low costs. Additionally, since the platform is designed to be managed through a back-end user interface, it saves website owners a lot of money that would have been spent on developers for management and editing services.

  • Highly Expandable

    Businesses are constantly evolving ecosystems, and the WordPress framework comes built to thrive in this evolution. The CMS platform grows to accommodate the changing requirements of your brand and allows you to implement new designs and security features easily, even with very little programming knowledge. Let us help you realize your brand ambitions.
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