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Apr 14 2016 at 12:33pm

With more brands experimenting, believing & advocating the digital medium, the need to understand the digital consumer is ever so high. Today the consumer has more power, more information and choice than ever before. This makes decision making a complex affair for the consumer.

Marketers needs to work twice as hard to truly understand their audience and talk to them in a relevant, personalized way. Only if we understand our consumer can we package it well so that we can push a conversion.

In order to achieve this we must create ‘personas’ to help us understand our consumer better. A persona is a fictional character created to represent a specific target group. Give the persona more life by having a name, illustration, pictures etc. This also makes it more tangible. To develop a persona further, look into online behavior of the group. Analyze their patterns and understand their goals. Dig up statistics and figures that help you map the right experience for you target audience.

Create a persona using the following:

  • Demographic — Based on geography, nationality, income, education and such attributes.
  • Psychographic — Look at values, opinions, interests, aspirations, attitudes and lifestyles.
  • Ethnographic — Insights gained through observation and understanding daily routines.
  • Transactional — Gather insights through previous digital behavior and online interactions and purchases.
  • Behavioral — Captures data through engagement with digital platforms.
  • A persona gives a richer insight for strategic teams and designers to direct a campaign, plan out designs and engagement points and overall improve the digital experience of the target group.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that personas are not fixed. A woman who spends 30% on online shopping, might spend less if say there is recession in the economy. Thus, it’s safe to say behavior of a target market is closely linked to the environment.

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