Digital Advertising to Russians and CIS Nationals

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Digital Advertising to Russians and CIS Nationals

Capturing the attention of your target audience is critical to success in the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising. Welcome to the world of advertising to Russians in Dubai, UAE, Russians in GCC, Russians in Russia, across CIS countries, and anywhere in the world. We unlock your access to millions of Russian-speaking customers in UAE, GCC or Russia and other CIS. We have a great network of online publishers along with powerful tools to amplify the effectiveness of your ads.

Global Media Insight recognises the importance of reaching your target demographic. We specialise in creating custom russian language advertising campaigns that ensure maximum visibility and effect results. We obtain priceless insights into user behaviour and preferences by leveraging the power of the Russian language publisher network, allowing us to develop effective ads that produce greater outcomes.

We have alignment with top Russian publishers such as Yandex, VK, Telegram & Odnoklassniki which has a higher reach of Russian audiences! Global Media Insight provides several alternatives for businesses to maximise visibility and target the proper audience. Our professionals can build strong branding with Display Banners, and grab millions of viewers via Yandex Video Advertising. Furthermore, we specialise in Yandex On-page SEO, which involves optimising websites for the Russian search engine to achieve higher rankings and harness the tremendous potential of the Russian market.

Go no further if you want to broaden your reach and build your business among Russian-speaking audiences. Partner with GMI and let us unleash the full potential of Yandex advertising to propel your brand to new heights of success.

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Why Target Russians through Yandex Ads?

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, holds an impressive market share of nearly 60%. With a monthly internet audience of 97 million, 84 million of whom actively use Yandex, it has become a dominant force in the digital landscape. Notably, Yandex ranks as the 9th most visited website globally.

Yandex Ads provides numerous advantages, making it a highly efficient solution with a high return on investment for your ad campaigns.

The key benefits of Yandex Advertising include:

  • By leveraging Yandex's first-party data and machine learning algorithms, advertisers can achieve highly precise targeting.
  • With access to over 350 million active cookies and more than 100 million active devices, your ads reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Yandex ads publisher ensures transparency in bidding, campaign results, and billing. You have full visibility into the performance of your ads.
  • Yandex's advanced algorithms possess the expertise to display ads to audiences actively interested in purchasing your products or services.
  • Partnering with Yandex Advertising empowers businesses to tap into the immense potential of this influential platform among the Russian- speaking audience, effectively reaching and engaging them to drive business growth.

Don't miss out on the multitude of benefits Yandex Ads has to offer. Take action today and unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts, effectively reaching and engaging your target audience like never before.


Our Yandex Solutions Include

With our expert solutions, you can maximise the effectiveness of your advertising efforts on Yandex. We specialise in customising our services to meet your specific business requirements. Our services include:

  • Yandex Ad account configuration
  • Comprehensive industry keyword analysis
  • Strategic development of advertising campaigns
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation of campaigns
  • Tracking of results and generation of detailed reports
  • Implementation of enhancements and goal setting
  • Support and consultations.

Our Yandex Advertising Services

As a digital marketing company in Dubai, we at GMI provide specialised Yandex services to help businesses target the Russian market effectively. We enable businesses to increase their visibility, engage their audience, and tap into the immense potential of Yandex. Following are the Yandex advertising services offered by us to help you grow your business.

Advertising to Russian audience

Russians are wealthy. The disposable wealth with this demographic group is extremely attractive to real estate property business in Dubai and UAE. Many Crypto and related exchanges are our customers wanting to reach to Russians during the long period of Yukrain war. While Europe and much of west tries to isolate the Rusians, the business friendly approach of much of the Middle East is a great opportunity for business operating in and through Dubai and the rest of the Middle east. We offer a wide range of services, including Russian digital marketing services, this includes CPM based brand campaigns as well as PPC management. With our expertise in Yandex PPC, we create effective and targeted campaigns to drive quality traffic to your website. Whether it be text ads or display ads, we maximise your return on investment and deliver measurable results. With our Yandex Ads service, we ensure that your brand gains visibility and reaches the right audience in the Russian market.


Yandex Display Banners

Discover the power of Yandex Display banners for your brand! With display advertising in Yandex Direct, you can establish brand recognition and image through targeted impressions. Benefit from precise audience targeting based on interests, income, gender, and age. Easily create banners using the Ad Builder or upload your creative formats. With Yandex's strict viewability criteria, you only pay for actual impressions. You can also eliminate fraudulent clicks with multi-stage filters. Engage your audience across multiple channels after they've seen your display banners. Supercharge your brand with Yandex Display today!

Yandex Video Ads

Unlock the potential of Yandex Video Ads and connect with a vast audience in the Yandex Advertising Network. Reach millions of viewers, including those who no longer watch traditional TV. Choose from a variety of ad block formats such as in-stream, in-page, interstitial, and rewarded videos. Enjoy the benefits of placing your ads on high-quality sites within the Yandex Video Network, including Yandex services and trusted partner sites. Maximise your communication with the video audience by building segments of users who have watched your video and engage with them through contextual advertising. Reach and captivate your audience effectively with Yandex Video Ads today.


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