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Short Video Production

Short videos tailor one of the most powerful mediums of expressions into small, digestible parts, for easy consumption. It is the perfect marketing tool for the modern impatient digital world.

Considering how much more people are accepting of videos, and especially shorter versions of them, when compared to any other type of content, messages of this form have far more impact and are absorbed and accepted more widely.

GMI & Short Videos

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to some of the biggest brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India. Over these years, we have witnessed the growth of new types of content and technologies, how audience preferences have defined and redefined the concept of "viral content", and how this has directly and indirectly impacted the digital marketing best practices across the world.

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Short Video Production Services We Provide

We at GMI have a dedicated team of video professionals with many years of experience in creating engaging video content across various industry verticals in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Our Shorties, or short videos, are custom-made and help you successfully stand out within the crowded marketplace and bridge the gap between your business and its audience.

Short videos for instant communication and social engagement
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In a world of shrinking attention spans, fast losing patience for most long-form content, and more so with advertising, engagement is the gold standard by which the success of any marketing or promotional campaign is measured.

Thanks to the very little time commitment required from short videos, viewers are much less likely to have qualms about watching through a short video.
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Considering the remarkable amount of creative realisation and engagement that they can achieve, short videos are a highly potent and powerful medium, and an advertising tool to reckon with.

Short Videos can Ignite the Long-Term Growth of Your Brand

  • More Engagement

    This is the greatest advantage of using short videos in your marketing and promotional efforts. Since they do not require long periods of mindful concentration and because the message is compressed down to its most important few points, presented usually over entertaining visuals, viewers don't get distracted midway. Short videos, therefore, can help you earn engagement from customers like no other form of content. The lesser you say, the more they listen.
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  • Return on Investment

    Short videos usually require very little resources to produce. And as long you have a talented agency on your side, that can deliver hard punches quickly, you can get remarkable return on your investment. This is especially because of the sharable nature of digital media. An impactful and evocative short video has chances of achieving a global reach, with a dash of virality thrown. This not only has a positive effect on the promotional efforts for your product, but also leads to increased value for your brand.

  • Malleable

    Short videos are remarkably customizable and malleable, and can be used to exhibit all forms of ideas. Starting with straightforward promotional content, you can use short videos also to create listicles, how-tos, quick tips and much more. You can even shape your thoughts in your own individual ways and your short videos can bring them to life.

  • Personality

    At this stage of the digital movement, articles are fast losing momentum and are more or less seen as boring and stale. Videos, and especially the faster and impactful shorter versions, are a more favoured form of promotional content. They can inject personality in your brand help you seem more modern, dynamic and technically efficient. Introduce your audience to your best version of you.
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