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Remarketing Ads


Have you ever felt like you were being followed while on the internet? You are looking for dresses for your little girl and you see the same results on Facebook, CNN and almost every other website you visit. No, it’s not a stalker who’s following you but a form of internet marketing called Remarketing. As businesses take their shops online, this mode of advertising has gained in popularity.

Remarketing allows websites like Amazon, and others to target visitors as they move on to other places on the internet.


GMI & Remarketing

With over 23 Years of experience in the digital sphere, GMI has witnessed and participated in the rise and growth of the digital landscape in the UAE, Middle East and India. In fact, we were behind some of the most successful digital campaigns for the prominent brands in these regions. We have helped launch powerful online ad campaigns that have turned the tides for many a company, big, medium and small.

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Our online ad marketers understand the ins and outs of remarketing ad campaigns and will fine-tune your campaigns to reach your target audience.


Remarketing Services We Offer

  • Standard remarketing: This form of remarketing displays ads to your previous visitors as they browse Display Network websites and use Display Network apps.
  • Remarketing for mobile apps: Display your ads to mobile app or mobile website visitors when they visit or use other mobile apps or websites
  • Video remarketing: Display ads to people who have engaged with your videos or YouTube channel as they browse through YouTube and Display Network videos, websites, and apps.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Past visitors to your website will see your ads when they do follow-up searches on Google.
  • Email-list remarketing: Display ads to customers who have registered their email ids when they sign into Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Takes remarketing to the next level with ads for products or services that visitors to your website clicked on.

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Remarketing can catapult your brand’s sales activity


Remarketing techniques are widely used by marketers today as they have proven to be highly effective at convincing people to finally act on their decision to purchase something or complete a registration.

What makes it different from other marketing strategies is the focused targeting. Remarketing is directed by special tracking cookies that are placed in a visitor’s computer. This results in highly customized ads to be displayed for that specific person, audience or groups of people based on their unique needs and requirements.
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Remarketing can work as the strategic component of your advertising game plan. It can drive sales activity, increase registrations and promote awareness of your brand.

Remarketing can expand your brand’s reach radius

  • Right Positioning

    With timely touch points, these ads are seen by people when they are most likely to buy the product. The ads appear on their browsers after they have checked out your page. This can be during searches, or while they browse through other websites or mobile apps.
    Reach the right people at the right time.

  • Smart Pricing

    High performing remarketing campaigns can be run on surprisingly low budgets with automated bid strategies like target CPA and ROAS. You can win the best possible price on ad auctions with real-time bidding.

  • Large-Scale Reach

    As remarketing platforms crawl through more than 2 million websites and mobile apps, they can help you reach your unique set of relevant audience regardless of the devices they use.

  • Tailored Lists

    Your ad targeting list can be tailored to suit your marketing goals. You can target anyone from shopping cart abandoners to people who have engaged with your product.

  • Campaign Insights

    Get in-depth reports on everything from campaign performance to where exactly your ads are showing to the amount of money you are spending on it.
    Reconnect with your target audience at relevant touch points.


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