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Media Buying


Media buying plays a pivotal role in digital marketing; it is all about knowing when, where and how to successfully advertise your brand. Media buying provides you with a clear understanding of web presence; that includes display advertising, search marketing, video views, etc. this will assist you in performing cost analysis, and manage delivery and trafficking. Media buying optimises your ad campaign which further results in better consumer traffic, which will, in turn, improve your business.

A successful ad campaign is crucial when it comes to promoting your brand and there is no better, and less expensive way than media buying.


GMI & Media Buying

GMI has been providing ideal digital and SEO solutions to leading companies in the UAE, Middle East and India for over 23 Years. Media buying is one of the many services we provide. Our experts use current technology to develop and observe your online marketing activities.

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We also keep track of the reach, engagement, time spent, ROI parameters, etc. of your ad campaigns. We are a media buying agency that is thorough with the ins and outs of how to create winning ad campaigns that are guaranteed to generate results.


Media Buying Services We Offer

  • Audience research
  • Planning your spend
  • Real-time bidding
  • Thorough analysis
  • Optimising your ad campaign

Media buying strategies to make your ads work
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Build a Strong Web Presence


This service is undoubtedly the best in media real estate for the most advantageous spaces. Media buying focuses on strategizing, negotiating and purchasing ad placements. It helps build a strong web presence by getting you the best ad spaces at reasonable rates.

Media buying ensures that your ad spaces are well used. It not only handles the purchasing part but also continues to optimise performance throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.

Get the Best Ad Spaces

  • Less Effort

    It’s better to put a media buying agency in charge of your ad campaigns rather than to go through the trouble of handling it by yourself. The media buyers have your work cut out for you; caring for every little detail involved in the process. This way you can rest assured that your ad campaign will be top notch.
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  • Cost-effective

    Having your media buying done by an established agency would be very cost effective considering that it would fetch you the best ad spaces at lower prices.

  • Conducts Analysis

    A media buying agency does a thorough analysis of what campaigns will work and what won’t on your particular audience. Based on the analysis it decides the ad space and provides you with a successful campaign.

  • Saves Time

    Taking care of the media buying for your ad campaigns can be very time-consuming, which is why having an agency handle it can be helpful. This way you and your employees can spend more time in the key business areas. Having a media buying agency do the work for you will not only save your time, but you can also be sure to get excellent results.
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