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A lot comes with running an online store - like managing stocks, product SKUs, keeping the site running, and of course, attracting more customers and tracking sales. However, the online space is in a state of constant flux, with technologies, services and marketing strategies evolving every day.

This makes business more challenging for store owners who need the right information to make good decisions faster. Here is where e-commerce analytics come in handy.

GMI & E-commerce Analytics

With over a decade of expertise in analyzing optimizing and developing e-commerce websites for businesses across the UAE, Middle East and India, our e-commerce analytics specialists can make a difference to your bottom line.

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Our team is proficient in all the major website analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Omniture, and Adobe Analyst and can help you make intelligent marketing decisions for your online business.


E-commerce Analytics Services We Provide

Whether you need to improve your platform’s overall functioning or your site user experience, the analytics experts at GMI can integrate and customize the right analytics system to any metric you wish - including site traffic, top landing pages, social media performance, SEO performance, paid search ROI, and much more.

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E-commerce >Traditional Retail


Unlike an online store, a physical store gives you the ability to observe and interact with your customers first-hand. A significant consequence of this blind spot is that you will not know which marketing activities are working and which are unprofitable - leading to wastage of time, money and resources.

This information enables you to understand which marketing channels are the most valuable and pool your resources. All of this can be achieved by just adding a small bit of code to your website.

Ecommerce analytics solves this problem by helping you “see” customers and gather information on their purchase patterns.

E-commerce Analytics can Make Things Better

  • Data Upgrade

    E-commerce analytics is an add-on for traditional web analytics, and it includes all of the data provided by the standard analytics script.
    Contact our experts, and we will help you set up e-commerce analytics for your website.

  • Better Information

    Ecommerce analytics tracking provides more details about the total number of completed transactions and their total revenue. It also provides critical insights into consumer behaviour in real time at each stage of the funnel, from landing page to checkout. This data is necessary for creating a better shopping experience for your users.

  • Sales Performance Reports

    You can track sales performance by date, product, category and brand, and the revenue earned by each product, category and brand. Ecommerce analytics also provide data about the total number of visits to each transaction page and details about unfinished purchases, as well as the quantity of products and unique products sold.

  • Understand Online Sales Trends

    Data on consumer trends and shifts in behaviour gives you insights into your market; helps you pinpoint which marketing channels are no longer profitable; and enables you to develop new product lines, introduce changes in pricing, and phase out underperforming items that could potentially harm your profits. Take advantage of e-commerce analytics.
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