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Social Video Shoots

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UAE, Middle East and India, GMI has over 23 Years of experience in managing brands for the social space. Along with a team of Digital Super Specialists, we have one of the best video production crews in the region.

Social videos combine the potency of videos with the viral nature of social media to generate an instant, effective boost for social media campaigns.

GMI & Social Video Shoots

Marketing changes rapidly because the audience demands it. The growing popularity of social videos feeds into audience demand; as a brand it makes sense to produce engaging videos exclusively for social, because that’s where your audience is hanging out.

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That’s why it makes sense to partner with the best digital minds in the Middle East. We have the skills, expertise and capabilities to produce, shoot, and edit high-quality social videos on demand according to your schedule


Social Video Shooting Services We Offer

We provide a broad range of video services for all types of businesses - from shoots and animated videos to videos that combine visuals and animation, and more. From cast and crew to location, design and editing, our full-fledged team will do it all.

  • GMI Shorties - short, high-impact videos crafted for social media on every device
  • Branded content

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Video Is Essential


Social media demands a different style of video content - bite-sized videos, teasers, or event highlights that spark the desire for more information and drive visitors to your site.

Social video is not exclusive from the rest of your branded content and should be viewed as a complementary activity. Their primary goal is to drive interest and activity for the main event.
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A well-planned and flexible social video strategy helps to create multiple paths of conversion through different social channels.

Hit Your Conversion Targets

  • Control Your Message

    Planning for an ongoing video schedule helps you to communicate your brand message in a controlled and effective way. Personify your brand with social videos.
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  • Higher Engagement

    Our brains are programmed to respond better to human faces. Live videos attract a lot of engagement because they feature people in situations that your audience can relate to.

  • Better Recall

    Live videos with an intelligent concept and unique execution have higher rates of audience recall. Thanks to the power of social media sharing, there is always an excellent chance of going viral.
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