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Web Analytics Audit

At its core, a web analytics audit evaluates whether the analytics being conducted on your website is gathering all relevant and necessary data and contributes to your business development goals.

The existing analytics tags of your website can get affected as the web page content or design changes over the course of time; web analytics audit can be used to understand these changes and correct them.

GMI & Web Analytics Audit

Our team of expert website analysts will help you spot mismatches in data from your linked accounts (AdWords, Campaigns, etc.), identify best practices for campaign tracking, review account goals, events and custom filters, and restructure the way your analytics is set up.

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For over 23 Years, GMI has been providing ideal digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading brands in Dubai and the rest of the Dubai. Our analysts will ensure that you receive data that you can trust.


Web Analytics Audit Services We Provide

  • Verifying Universal Analytics or Tag Manager tracking code implementation.
  • Checking for duplicate or multiple script implementation.
  • Ensuring analytics tracking code is implemented on every page of the site.
  • Ensuring event tracking code is applied for required events.
  • Ensuring pageviews are being recorded on every page.
  • Verifying e-commerce and enhanced e-commerce tracking scripts.
  • Ensuring analytics is capturing internal site search.
  • Ensuring analytics is set to track site's internal goals and conversions.
  • Ensuring the site's goal has a funnel and analytics is set to track the funnel flow.
  • Ensuring analytics is capturing all trackable events like phone number CTAs etc.
  • Ensuring analytics is set to track site's e-commerce transactions.
  • Ensuring e-commerce codes are sending correct sale values.

Ensure the accuracy and relevance of your analytics data and business strategies
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Analytics Installation and Feel Secure and Confident About Your Data


By providing you with a thorough analysis of your Google Analytics configuration and tracking setup built around your specific requirements, a website analytics audit service helps increase your confidence in your data.

This confidence gives you the freedom to focus on your business development efforts by going out and making the necessary digital strategy decisions without worrying about the relevance and accuracy of the data you’re basing your decisions on.
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Website analytics audit identifies the fundamental issues with your installation or data collection and ensures that the data you collect is accurate and useful. In case there are any issues with the web analytics being performed, a website audit will provide you with actionable business insights to resolve these.

Web Analytics Audits Deliver Trust and Relevance to Your Analytics Data

  • Ensuring Accuracy

    This is the first and foremost use of a web analytics audit. It ensures that the data that is being gathered as part of your analytics set-up is accurate and relevant to your unique business needs. Accuracy that guarantees risk-free evolution.
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  • Resolving Issues

    If there are any issues with the data being gathered or how it is being gathered, a web analytics audit can give you advice on how to resolve particular tracking or reporting issues within the relevant web analytics account.

  • Re-target Your Business Goals

    The essential purpose of any web analytics set-up is to make sure that the online business objectives of your brand are being met, and make corrections if they are not. An audit can help you ensure that the information being gathered is relevant towards achieving these objectives.

  • Changing Business Strategies

    When it comes to redesigning your business strategies to incorporate additional expertise and talents, a web analytics audit can help make sure that the new data being gathered is in synergy with your new goals. Ensure your analytics gathering is customised to your changing needs.
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