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Email Marketing


If you are a business, looking for the best way to communicate with your clients and effectively promote your products, you’ll undoubtedly find email marketing to be one of the economical and powerful options.

It’s a direct, environmentally friendly way to get in touch with both your existing customers and prospects and either keep them posted, offer them a new service and build your relationship with them.


GMI & Email Marketing

Operating in the area of advertising for the past 23 Years has helped GMI evolve as a digital agency, and today we offer one of the best performance-oriented online advertising support in the UAE, Middle East and India. With this great amount of experience and the extraordinary expertise of our people, we can confidently say that we have what it takes to provide you with excellent email marketing services.

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Our experts can manage every aspect of your email marketing campaign - every detail from the creative design and copywriting of your email templates to the detailed analytic reporting of opening rates, click-throughs and unsubscribes. We can offer you relevant advice on campaign management and provide you with personalised email marketing strategies based on your aims, goals and customers.


Email Marketing Services We Provide

  • Email marketing campaign set-up & maintenance
  • Contact list import in standard file formats
  • Customised email designs
  • Set-up & distribution of email lists
  • Post-campaign review reports
  • Testing
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Campaign copywriting
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • List management
  • Reporting

Customisable, professional email marketing campaigns guaranteed to draw customers
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The Most Authoritative and Widely-Used Professional Communication Medium, Singularly Purposed For Your Business Development Goals


Studies show that the ROI from email marketing is around 3,800%. 72% of audiences prefer promotional materials to be sent to them via email rather than social media. 38% say that they subscribe to an email list to receive special offers.

Email marketing allows you to create attractive, customizable and professional HTML-based emails which help you as a business to draw customers to your doorstep.
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No other advertising medium or form of campaign is this cost-effective, easy to set up, customise, accessible, manageable or can deliver the same return on investment.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business From the Ground Up

  • Preferred by Your Customers

    This is rare for any kind of advertising medium. But the truth is that people actually prefer getting their promotional materials delivered by email rather than any other form of communication including social media messages, notifications etc. Promotion campaigns your customers will love.
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  • Effective Communication

    Using emails, you can build a good relationship with both your customers and potential clients. You can keep them posted through email newsletters by providing them with the latest information on new arrivals and updates in your business. You can also remind your customers about abandoned carts and ensure that they complete the checkout. Email marketing can also be used to send greetings for holidays, birthdays and other personal events.

  • Show Them That You Care

    Email Marketing can be an effective means to reward your loyal customers with discounts and promotional offers. You can use email to re-engage with the customers who haven’t shopped in a while and generate feedback and testimonials from them. This way you can improve your business based on their needs.

  • Incredible Return on Investment

    Whether you’re sending out a single mail or sending out hundreds of them, email marketing is a low cost yet powerful method that helps you to highly customise your marketing efforts and target audiences effectively. Marketing that delivers extraordinary results. Talk to us.

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