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Website Analysis And Reporting


Website Analysis and Reporting involves studying, processing and translating the internet data of a website for business development and market research purposes.

It can deliver detailed insights about whether and why the website and certain campaigns are or are not performing well, following which corrective measures can be taken.


GMI & Website Analysis and Reporting

For over 23 Years, GMI has been providing digital marketing and SEO solutions to leading businesses across the UAE, Middle East and India

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We are a Google Analytics certified agency. We take a methodical and transparent approach to our website analysis and reporting strategies, by working with our clients to design the analysis setup necessary to ascertain specific KPI’s and goal conversions.


Website Analysis & Reporting Services We Provide

  • General code analysis
  • Content suggestions
  • Content errors: missing pages/broken links and spelling
  • Targeted keyword analysis & new keyword research
  • Competitor research and performance
  • Exit rate, bounce rate analysis and optimization suggestions

  • Our custom reports include:

  • Complete traffic analysis
  • Demographics overview
  • Geo location data from visitors
  • Information on top performing pages
  • Campaign overview
  • SERP report (CTR, impression, ranking)
  • Key performance indicators

Integrate customised website analysis to charge your marketing efforts
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Expansive, Inclusive, Investigative Analytical Data on Your Website’s Overall Performance


Analysis of a specific website is a designer process that involves taking into account individual organisational goals and customising the relevant tools to gather necessary data about how these goals are being met.

Reporting of website data involves building custom reports to match brand priorities and the application of hyper-relevant advanced segments to that data and, finally the presentation of your insights and recommended actions using the locally spoken language.
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Accurate analysis and reporting is the cornerstone of any website’s evolution process and the detailed insights gathered through the process guide webmasters to enhance the website to incorporate more relevant and targeted digital marketing strategies that draw more traffic to your website.

Accurate Website Analysis and Reporting Can Drive Your Business to its Goals

  • Improving the Website

    Site analysis and reporting not only complies data for you, but also assists you in developing the website architecture and hierarchy. With detailed web analysis, you will be able to pick out your underperforming pages and optimise them for better results. Further, the data can also be used to enhance the performance and design of the website to deliver a better user experience. Ensure your website is optimised to meet your brand objectives.
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  • Finding Your Target Audience

    Website analysis and reporting can help you gain a better understanding about your most prominent and relevant visitors and tailor your digital marketing strategies to better target and communicate with them.

  • Comparing Your Competition

    Analysis data can be gathered not just about yourself, but about your competitors as well. Understanding how and why your competitors are performing the way they are, guides you to redesign your own strategies to outreach and outperform them.

  • Communicate More Effectively

    At its core, analytics is an evaluation of your marketing and promotional efforts and the prowess of your website in drawing and sustaining visitors. Based on this data you can create improved content or correct your CTAs to inspire more engagement and communicate more effectively. Introduce your audience to your best version of you.
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