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Social Media Monitoring


We live in a world where social media platforms have become a prime medium for people to share anything from movie reviews to products he/she purchased, recently. As a business, it is crucial that you keep track of what people are saying about your company. This way you can assess your brand’s reputation and identify how it is being perceived online. You can also discern the success of your campaigns with the assistance of this service.

It is otherwise known as social media measurement and social media listening. It is the process of using social media channels to track, compile and mine data to figure out what people are saying about your brand.


GMI & Social Media Monitoring

As a business, it is crucial that you make use of social media monitoring and there is no better advertising company than GMI to perform this service. We have over 23 Years of experience in providing ideal digital marketing and SEO solutions for leading companies in the UAE, Middle East and India. Our social media experts will scale the monitoring to your brand’s requirements. We will also provide your in-house social media manager support with individual initiatives.

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We will run a full scan of what people are sharing about your brand online; our social media experts will listen to your customers' conversations and assist you in implementing their feedbacks in your business and a lot more.


Social Media Monitoring Services We Provide

  • Identifying online influencers – to check if they can become advocates for your brand.
  • Social media crisis communication and crisis monitoring – identifying issues and guiding you on how to respond correctly on different social media channels.
  • Monitoring sentiment – to understand what is said about your business and turning around the negative sentiments.
  • Product development – compiling feedback to understand customer response to existing or new products.
  • Customer service – listening to the customer conversations and implementing their feedback in your business.
  • Buzz tracking – of specific marketing campaigns, slogans, press releases, or seasonal promotions.
  • Reputation management – addressing issues and tackling them quickly.
  • Competitor analysis – analyse the latest sentiment and trends in your industry sector.
  • Joining the conversation – listening allows you to be proactive and talk back to consumers and fans.

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Know if your Brand is being liked


As a business owner, you need to stay updated on what people have to say about your brand by figuring out whether they have benefited from your product or service or if they didn’t like it too much. The easiest way to find out is through social media marketing as people share their brand reviews and other experiences on social media platforms.

With the help of this method, you can keep track of what is trending among people and work towards implementing it in your strategy. This way you also get to know what your competitors are doing and how to stay ahead of them.
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It is the best way to assess what your customers and potential customers have to say about your brand.

Know how your Brand can benefit from Social Media Monitoring

  • Respond to Issues and Listen to Conversations

    Your issues will be quickly identified, after which you will be guided on how to answer to them correctly on various social media channels. It carefully listens to the conversations that people have about your brand and implements the feedbacks in your business.
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  • Spot the Advocates and Gather Feedback

    It identifies the users who have the potential of influencing people to use your products or services. It also compiles feedback to get a clearer understanding of how people have responded to your new or existing products.

  • Monitor Sentiments

    With social media monitoring, you can find out what people have to say about your brand and receive advice on how to use negative reviews to your advantage.

  • Understand Your Competitors

    It helps understand the latest trends followed by people. This way you get to implement it in your strategy and stay on top of the game.
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