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Multilingual Social Media Content


The opening statement in any case for multilingual social media content is made with two simple facts: a majority of the world’s population does not speak English and a majority of the world’s Google searches are made in languages other than English.

For brands that aim to reach out to a larger and culturally diverse audience, catering to local languages using multilingual content and multilingual interaction is key.


GMI & Multilingual Social Media Content

For the past 23 Years, GMI has been working with leading national and international brands operating in the UAE, Middle East and India, and helping them in their digital marketing efforts by building their online portfolios and social media channels to better target their multiple communities of consumers.

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We have a dedicated team of professional social media and language experts, creatives and content developers who have many years of experience in creating highly customized, targeted, engaging and compelling content for social platforms.


Multilingual Social Media Services We Provide

  • Multilingual content production
  • Multilingual video content
  • Multilingual social media campaigns
  • Multilingual social media moderation
  • English & Arabic social media content production
  • Other International languages content production

Powerful social media content that draws engagement from multiple communities
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Social Media Content That Impacts and Captivates Across Languages and Landmarks


In an increasingly connected and content-saturated digital age, customers will naturally gravitate towards websites and brands that make the effort to engage with them in languages they are comfortable in.

In a place like the UAE, with an audience base that comprises of people from all over the world, it is essential for brands to embrace the power of multilingual content if they don’t want to limit their opportunities to a certain cross-section of people.
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Multilingual Social Media Content allows brands to reach out beyond cultural, language and geographical barriers and communicate their ideas, messages and vision to a larger population over social media.

Multilingual Social Media Content Can Empower Your Global Marketing Efforts

  • Greater Reach

    Brands that choose to adopt a multilingual approach to social media have a greater chance of reaching out to a larger audience base. By ensuring that consumers speaking different dialects are targeted, you can have your market reach expand and be more inclusive. Reach out to different communities effectively.
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  • Personal Connection

    By communicating in a language most relatable to a consumer, brands can make a personal connection with them. This goes a long way towards influencing their decision to follow the brand and increases their chances of adopting the product or service over time.

  • Deep Customization

    Apart from the message being communicated through social media, to effectively build relationships over the long term, it is also important to tailor the sentiment of the produced content according to the mindset of the designated audience. Well strategized multilingual content that considers the preferences of individual set of audiences and incorporates colloquial terms from unique dialects can make this possible.

  • Brand Interactions

    Interactions between online users and a brand are very important to gather insights and feedback. In order to receive relevant and accurate results, it is advisable for a brand to communicate in the language the target audience is most comfortable with. This urges better interactions and gives the brand a good opportunity to connect with its consumers.

  • Better Page Ranking

    More than half of global Google searches are made in languages other than English. Populating their social media pages with content in multiple languages helps brands stand out in both the English and other language versions of search engines and attain high rankings. Guide your social profiles to the top of the search results.
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