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SMS Marketing


The UAE market has more than 2 mobile phones in operation per individual. This makes SMS marketing the ideal way of getting in touch with your target audience in the region.

Unlike any other digital technology, SMS has almost no learning curve, which means that you get access to an additional group of exclusive audience that does not have the access or the capability to use the internet.


GMI & SMS Marketing

With over 23 Years of experience and expertise in providing excellent digital and SEO solutions to leading businesses in the UAE, Middle East and India, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the most ideally targeted SMS marketing strategies to improve your business processes.

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GMI’s SMS marketing services aim at giving you exceptional brand reach, brand value, brand swiftness, brand precision and brand affordability. These services include creating the right environment, maximising your business potential and strengthening the bond between your business and your customer.

SMS Marketing Services We Provide

  • Competitive Pricing & Qualified Audience.
  • Fast Message Delivery.
  • Opted in database list, which make it possible to deliver your promotional SMSes to the most active and relevant users.
  • No setup and monthly charges and no particular volume commitment.
  • User-Friendly web-based application that allows you to easily send Bulk SMSes.

Customisable, targeted bulk SMS campaigns that deliver results
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The Only Medium That Offers Real-Time Direct-Access to the Largest Set of Audience in the Region


Mobile phones are now the most widely used and effective medium for communicating with audiences anywhere in the world. Added to fact that on an average text messages are read within 4 minutes of being received, it sets the medium apart as an extremely powerful business tool.

Bulk messages can help target your customers based on categories such as gender, languages spoken, nationality, region, etc.
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No other advertising platform offers the same kind of real-time communication, easy cost-effective implementation, wide influence and access to customers beyond the reach of internet-based platforms.

SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business Achieve Truly Effective Audience Communication

  • Target Your Audience

    Using the information gathered about them, bulk messaging services can help target your unique set of audiences more effectively and based on a variety of factors like gender, nationality, economic status, profession etc. Target the people you really want to reach.
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  • Cost Effective

    Bulk messages can be sent out and communicated at a much lower cost than other forms of advertising. Also, considering how it can help you with getting your message across to a big crowd, the return on investment for SMS marketing is unprecedented.

  • Real Time Updates

    SMS marketing helps you send real-time updates to your customers. It is not only beneficial to you as a business but also keeps the customers posted on offers and discounts. You can send out bulk messages to your buyers announcing product launches, promotional offers, greetings, alerts, notifications, reminders and discount codes.

  • Brand Value

    The kind of constant connection that is realised using SMS marketing helps you maintain a bond with customers and have them trust your services more readily. This builds your brand value in the long term and makes it more probable for customers to recommend your services to others in their network. Advertising that also builds your brand.
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